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I Know

What I know for sure is that there is nothing I need to know for sure.
Only a fool needs foolproof answers.
A wise man needs no answers at all.

An answer is nothing but a reverse question
The truth is that the Truth,
Discovered, unknown, remembered of forgotten
Challenged, or unquestioned,
Spoken, unspoken, followed or denied
has been, is, will be, and always remains the truth.

What I ask of you is that you ask me no questions.
Understand who I am from knowing who you are.

What I need of you is for you not to need me
Only the needy need others to remind them what they have.

What I want from you is nothing that you can give.
It belongs to no one, and it is already mine.

Your wisdom is not yours, but that of the Universe.
Life passes through you like the wind tousles my hair.

You travel through life like the Sun
Moving across the horizon from East to West,
Going round and round -it seems- around the Earth
But Love, not you is the centre of the Universe.

What I know for sure, that nothing is like it seems to be,
And everything that is worth knowing was always there to be seen.

I don’t need to see in order to believe
I don’t need to hear in order to pay attention
I don’t need to talk in order to be heard
I don’t need to know in order to understand.
I know. For Sure.