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HEAVEN #1918 The Created Universe February 4, 2006

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HEAVEN #1918 The Created Universe February 4, 2006

God said:

My prayer for you is that you lift up your eyes and see. See from whence you come and have never left. If you cannot see, then intuit. Intuit all that which is dear to you. Raise your thoughts to Heaven. Surrender to Heaven. That is how to capture it.

Give in, beloveds. You are a holy child of God. You arose from My heart and thought. You created yourself in an instant. You partook in creation. You were in My heart and thought the very instant the universe was created. The diverse world is your creation too, beloveds.

We looked through the same lens. We saw the beauty and magnificence together. It was perfect through Our eyes. We threw golden coins, and they all landed right side up. Trees sprung. Flowers bloomed. Fruit ripened. What We created creates itself still. The world freshens itself. Your heart renews it.

If your eyes have been clouded with moiling dust, rub your eyes and see anew. See again. See as of old when you and I knew as One that We stood in Oneness and cast a 3-D picture before Ourselves, and saw that it was good. There are matters that are for you to change your mind about, but the beauty of creation is not one of them. Vastness is true. You are a member of Vastness. You are an insider. Stick with Truth.

If what you see is less than beautiful, take off your myopic glasses and put on your far-seeing ones. What is changed, after all, but your seeing? You are the See-er. You are the One Who sees. Look, see, and catch the beauty as you would food with your fork. Take hold of what you see.
Imbibe it. Keep it to you, this beauty and magnificence of Vastness.
Vastness stirs within you.

Where does your heart not travel? Your heart is like a deck of cards spread out. The whole deck is there for you to play with. Let your heart pick the cards it plays. Let the world open itself up according to the cards of your heart that you play. Life occurs within you. You hold the deck of life in your heart.

Others play their hearts.

Life is congruous and incongruous. There are fence posts, and there is the space between the posts. There is more than the bare eye can see.

And so you must see with your heart. Hold fast to the original conception of a created world. Even if you are the only one, hold fast to My dream. Never let it out of your sight. Make My sight yours. Restore your sight. Gain vision. Recapitulate the world. It is Our creation, after all.

You can redecorate a room by the volition of your own decision to. If you can make a house look better, why not the world? But first the remodeling occurred in your mind. From your heart to your mind. Let your mind be mindful according to the fullness of your heart.

Perhaps faith in the beauty and goodness of the universe is nothing more than a picture your heart has painted. The picture is the Reality.
Beneath the smudged paint and settling walls in your house, you saw its fine lines. You saw it restored into its original beauty. From the moment you saw, the restoration began.

Sometimes it is easier to restore someone else's house than your own. So, then, if you like, consider the world My house, and that you are doing the restoration for Me.

Copyright@ 2-4-06

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