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Face it.

We have a world within our midst,
and yours I don't suppose;
is not that much different from mine.

What you face, I face,
Maybe not on the surface;
But, deep within there are trace elements
We share in common.
We all do.

Life is like that.
We all have our ups.
We all have our downs.
Together we make life better for all.

When one succeeds we all do,
and when one hurts,
we all suffer.

I've had quite enough; myself,
of us and them thinking.
The duality of opposites.

Those who are for me.
Those who oppose me.

Why should I think like that?
What put those thoughts in my head?

I've got things to do.
I want to be about them.

Not worry about who likes me,
who doesn't.

John Steffan Riccio