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Bhagavan, how do you give enlightenment? How is it possible to give enlightenment?

Ah yes. Basically it is through the process of what is called 'deeksha', an electrical energy which transfers through some kind of a hole in the mind of man. We believe that the mind of man is like a wall, which divides man from God.The deeksha is an electrical energy that makes a hole in this wall, which we call the mind. Once that happens, then God and man can come to relate with each other. The way they relate has to do with his background, his conditioning, his aspirations, his education, so many factors. But it is God who gives enlightenment, whether you call it God or cosmic consciousness or nature, call it what you want. So that takes over and enlightenment is delivered through God. He is the one who delivers. Our job is to give the deeksha and make a hole in the mind, and then God does the rest. It's a very complex process that only God can do.

So when you give deeksha you speak of this deeksha as a neurobiological process that affects the brain?

Yes, when we give deeksha it is like the passing on of an electrical energy that affects the brain, the spinal cord, and what we call the ductless glands or the 'chakras'. So most of the work is being done on the frontal lobes and the parietal lobes of the brain. There is an activation of the frontal lobes, and a deactivation of the parietal lobes, plus some energies are sent into the ductless glands to reactivate these chakras. So all this in turn produces a hole in the mind, and a link is established between God and man. Thereafter what happens is God's work. Up to then, of course, we can do certain things.

Right. So when you speak about losing the 'self', that's what happens when you make this hole in the wall?

When you make the hole in the wall, then God can take over, and then he works on the senses, liberating the senses from the mind, from the clutches of the mind. When that happens you lose your 'self'. That part of the work happens through God himself. As he is the creator,He works like a computer to rearrange the brain, and He takes over.

Bhagavan has stated that his mission is to bring 64,000 people to enlightenment by the year 2012. This is .001% of the world's population. This number is the "100th monkey" that will create the necessary resonance effect needed to create a wave of mass enlightenment over a three day period in 2012.

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