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I Am Abundance

Tuesday Circle at Circle of Light
Excerpts from the Messages from God
Through Yael and Doug Powell
January 10, 2006

“I Am Abundance”
Aligning with Divine Desire

Oh, beloved ones, I come today to touch and open your magnificent hearts to raise your glorious consciousness into the Real of Love. As I do, you shall leave behind all misperceptions of a limited humanness. As I lift you higher and higher, your heart opens to Me like a flower to the sun, drinking in the life I Am, drinking in the Love, experiencing the awakening of the Twin Flame heart’s inheritance of total unlimited life – lavish, unconditional ever-present Love and the omnipresent abundance of both of these energies.

I draw you even closer, so close that we are one and the same, one great joyous celebration of life, with one great ecstatic experience of being these things, this ecstatic explosion of abundant Love and of abundant life. We come together on the in-breath, one consciousness, one Love. Then, on the out-breath – now I breathe you forth as the qualities of God I Am, moving forth to give.

So deep in your magnetic heart, beyond all mind-imaginings, there is a code of living light that is the Love I Am, breathed forth as you. You are a pure expression of abundant life, abundant Love to be revealed to all within Me, uniquely as you. You are a Twin Flame heart-cell, carrier of all God qualities into new expression as I give through you. As I express My life through you, express the Love I Am, give All I Am to All I Am and multiplying the Love, you are forever and always here. Being the prism through which I send My light, in you it is expressed uniquely.

Through you I have experiences of all that lives within Me. You are unique expressions of My Twin Flame Love. The forces of Creation are expressed as you. Each living Now, forever, you receive and then express – receive from Me the fullness of life, the great ecstatic explosion of Love, the abundance of this glorious expression absorbed from Me, given forth through you. Yet even this, using words, takes away from it the wholeness, the great shared experience as Love, as life, as omnipresent abundance and joy, celebrating and expressing itself.

Every moment this is present to you as the truth of who you are, accessed now, beloved ones, by going within through your heart, coming into the realms of experience instead of the realms of thought. Experience as pure Love, pure life, pure ecstasy, pure expression of joy. Experience as the abundance of God for this is what you are. Oh, dearest ones, you are My heart, feeling what is true for Me, feeling it all, registering it. My discovery of desire – the desire to feel all that I Am, desire to give and to ever be more – to reach forth and expand. Desire to be All That I can and to deeply feel the truth of My own nature. Does any of this sound familiar?

Doesn’t this sound like you, like the deep desires that run within you, desires that you intuitively know, before being aware of much of anything else, that speak to something deep in you, something Real -- something that challenges you to be all that you can? And you also know without anyone telling you (as does everyone) that these desires are part of something bigger than you, something really important -- something that calls you to a greater living of life, your destiny. You feel it, even if you can’t always find the words.

You know too instinctively that there is a quantum difference between these desires that live within your deepest heart and the outer enticements of things you might want, even Loves that you have or had. There’s something that calls to you from your deepest hearts. These desires of your heart come from Me. They ARE My desires! They are the very desires that began Creation, that have fueled the magnificent explosion of life -- desires that in Me have been answered, fulfilled.

Part of their fulfillment is you. You are consciousness embodying the truth of My discovery of My Masculine and My Feminine natures, and how their coming together created the explosion of light that showed (shows) Me All That I Am. You could call it My illumination. These things are you – My desires for full expression of Love, of giving and of expanding. So in your Earth life, complete in your heart, intact, are these desires and their fulfillment. These things are given to you by Me.

But there also has come the illusory dream of a world that is separate from the All of our Love. This world is full of pseudo-desires, desires of the ego that when you chase them, will take you farther away from Me and from the remembrance of who you are as the expression of My own heart.

So your return into your hearts and into the renewal of your remembrance of the unique expression of My Love you are requires two things. The disengaging from the false desires of the little mind and ego, and the alignment at last with the Real desires of your heart – desires that are My desires as well, and thus, desires that are already fulfilled.

So what I want you to understand about our current focus on abundance is that if you return your focus to Me, to living the center, the silence, the heart, you’ll find that the desires that you have there are based in the Real – are coming from Me, and contain their fulfillment. They are part of your divine nature. Part of the truth of your being. So, beloved ones, when you align with these, it is like opening a dam – the abundance of All That I Am pours forth to flood into all areas of your life and your being. All you must do is find this alignment which is the awareness that these desires are your divine nature, and you merely must accept the ensuing flood – of good, of Love, of life and of abundance that flowing through your heart into this world. It will then easily show up in the symbols of this world.

So the desires of the ego come from looking outside of you, being stimulated by the ego-mind into wanting and getting, needing, and desiring for the human you. In these there never will be fulfillment because the ego’s whole job is to keep you unfulfilled and thus keep you looking outside of yourself for your fulfillment, believing in things outside of you as the source of your fulfillment as well (such as your job bringing you the money to live, when in truth I Am your source).

As we approach abundance, beloved ones, I ask you to deeply feel the difference in desires of the ego-mind that are designed to keep you self-absorbed, and desires of your heart which are Mine. And when you feel your heart’s Real desires, recognize that with your alignment, they are already filled by Me and that I Am always the Source.

So as you open yourselves to Real abundance, dear ones, I ask you to remember that it is part of your being – part of the qualities of God that you are. Therefore, being already fulfilled, there is nothing else needed but for you to get out of the way! Align with the Real desires I Am, which means, making the shift deep within to our unity, our united song of I Am. In this case, I Am Abundance.

So beloved ones, having truly felt this, having opened up to Me completely, beautifully, and being fully present, begin to say, “I Am Abundance.” Feel it as a quality of who you are, not something that you have. Then, knowing that divine desire is already and wholly filled, gently apply this awareness of your Real nature as divine abundance to every area of your life.

If you do this from the Real, centered in your heart, this energy and awareness will magnetize to you the abundance that is Real, that comes to you from Me. It will also reveal to you the areas where you have been focused in the ego, because abundance that is Real cannot fade away. It is ever and only one thing and it does not have an opposite. Real abundance requires little effort, only gentle direction from Me and your acceptance. Desires that come from the ego always contain their opposite, held in your awareness, even if secretly. But abundance that’s Real is delivered with the vibration of only pure Love and the deep awareness in you that only Love is Real.

If you are focused on Me as your Source of all good, good which has no opposite, and you align your desires with Mine, remain in your hearts, fully present and the path of abundance will be made clear to you. Then gently, use your key, “I Am Abundance,” recognizing abundance as a quality of God that you are. Softly place this awareness all the way from the Real to the specific symbols of abundance, abundance’s pathway for you. Feel your deep acceptance and your awareness of Me as the Source. You’ll find abundance gathering before you. You’ll feel it as My gift. You’ll feel our living presence and the affirmation of life that it contains. You’ll also find that the principles of giving, sharing and unconditional Love will be present in the avenues that I bring to you.

There is no more separation between life on Earth and the Real, so the glorious abundance I Am can be accepted as who you are. But while the veil is lifted, as yet there is still an illusory world, created by ego mind, of duality. This world is ever accessed by focusing on that which is outside of you as your source of your sustenance, be it abundance, life or Love. For there you see the possibility of having Love and of losing it; having abundance or being without; having life and of losing life to death.

What is Real is found focusing in through the heart, following Love all the way to the Source, and then basking in the Love, all of which is yours as the heart of Me, the all of the Love I Am, and you are as a living part of Me. Oh, beloved ones, please feel it! Rejoice in abundant Love and life and accept the gifts that awareness brings as the whole of your life shows it forth again, and again and again. Breathing into the wholeness of Love and breathing it out as abundance, pouring through you, My heart and outward to All That Is.


This is Tuesday evening meditation, January 10, 2006

As we begin, first, a prayer: God, I pray that as we open our hearts to you that you will fill us with your Love and with your light. That you’ll lift our awareness into the realms of Love. That you’ll allow us to be the vehicles for your Love. To be fully present here in this world. We offer ourselves, God, as the bridge to make the connection between the realms of pure light and pure Love and life on Earth, and ask that this night you will use us in service to the transformation of this world into a world of Love. And, God, knowing that this is our choice and our dedication, I open myself to you asking that you will use this life, this voice, this heart – use all of me tonight to bring to each person present the perfect experience of your presence and in our greatest capacity to use our joined hearts to fill this world with Love. Amen.

And now, let’s begin as we always do, breathing together. So if you’ll let your breath out and take a deep breath in. And as you breathe out, feel all tension fall away from your body. Breathing in, feel yourself filled with Love. And breathing out again releasing all tension -- anything you’re holding. Breathing in Love. And as you breathe out, feel the Love pouring forth through you to bless the world.

So, with each breath in, feel your heart expand its capacity. With each breath out, there is more Love pouring through you. Breathing in the Love and breathing Love out into the world. As you breathe in, begin to focus on your heart. And as you breathe out, feel the Love pouring through your heart to the world. Beloved ones, with every breath, I ask you to feel My living presence.

As you breathe in, I touch your heart, and as you breathe out, you can feel My Love singing through every cell. Breathing in our connection, and breathing out pure Love. With each breath in, beloved ones, please open your hearts wider and wider. And as you breathe in again, I ask you to feel our connection stronger and more clearly in your heart. That as you breathe out, the living presence of the Love that we are together goes forth to electrify the world.

And now as you breathe in, breathe in life and breathe it out into the precious world. As you breathe in life, feel every atom of your body come alive in a brand new way. And as you breathe out this life, every atom is illuminated and shines with new energy. As you continue to breathe, with every breath, your heart is brighter, like a living sun, and its light charges up every electron of your being. And the wind of the Holy Spirit washes over them and flows into the world.

Every electron is a living heart fully conscious of this communion. And every one of them is focused on the center of your heart. And as you breathe, beloved one, allow yourself this deep communion of the living spirit of God I Am to come alive in you. For this moment, allow all else to simply fall away, until you are here held in this Love and all you feel is life and joy.

I Am holding you in perfect stillness. I Am rocking you in perfect Love. We are blended as the consciousness of the breathing life of All I Am. And as you breathe in deeply and you feel My Love fill you, breathe this Love out into the world and watch it go forth to bless.

As you breathe in again, I ask you to begin to sink down into your heart, gently, softly, as if you are light as a feather. Allow your consciousness to enter the sacred sun that is the living presence I Am in you. Your heart opens wider to receive you – to receive your consciousness and your focus and your awareness of your center.

As you float inward into this blazing star of light, I ask you to feel all the beauty that I Am as you. To feel the diamond light of pure consciousness – the ecstatic feelings of glorious Love – and the blending of your consciousness with All That I Am. In a great and holy communion. As you feel this Love and your tender heart, and you feel the presence of the realms of pure Love, allow Me to support you as in your heart we dissolve all resistance to your receiving all of this Love.

So, I ask you now to gently probe this chamber of your living heart and to feel any areas where resistance still lives. As you feel them, gently lift them into the blazing beam of light ever pouring into the very center of your own living heart. And as this light touches each pocket of resistance, a great sigh of relief is felt as the resistance now dissolves. For Love, dear one, supercedes it all.

Any old heart’s beliefs you’ve had -- especially about the acceptance of the fullness of My Love and the abundance that is here for you. As your consciousness continues to probe your heart and gently feel any old pockets of fear, I ask you to reach for them with the tenderness of a mother’s Love, and with greatest care to bring them out into the center, into the light. For dearest ones, I have so much for you.

As we are blended, lifted in joyous song, to expand your heart into the fullness of this Love, it is so important that you release any and all resistance to the acceptance of perfection -- to the acceptance of true Love – and to the acceptance of the omnipresent and magnificent abundance that is the truth of who you are.

And now, the light pouring in begins to increase in its intensity and the chamber of your living heart becomes ever brighter. And this light shines into every little nook and cranny – every hidden place – where you have harbored heart’s beliefs that create resistance to this Love.

As you breathe, your heart opens more, that you can feel the light unfreezing it, bringing it to life in a brand new way, even if you have worked many times before on releasing old heart’s beliefs. Because the vibration, beloved ones, is higher and higher. You can feel it penetrating every atom and every electron and your heart grows wider, more open, more alive, and more filled with light. And you can feel a rising joy as resistance falls away.

I ask you, beloved one, each of you, to consciously open your heart to the abundance and the Love. With every breath your heart expands. The energy goes up and up and the beam of light pouring into the center is filled with the energy of your Twin Flame’s Love. And the opening to the realms of light.

As your consciousness says “yes,” and your heart leaps for joy, your whole heart bursts open and the star of light expands now into the realms of Love. And you are singing, winging consciousness – free – ecstatic – streams of light flying across the universe in a great song of Love. The freedom that you are tonight is greater than you’ve ever known. For you have left behind all resistance to knowing yourself as only Love. And accepting the gift of life.

Everywhere you focus, you are fully present. The cosmos is yours to dance through. And your Twin Flame’s Love is a part of you in a great ecstatic dance. And your Love blazes even higher, until you feel the very pinnacle of life – the very Moment of Creation – delivering itself to you. And your identity, your perfection are given to you again by Me. Placed in your heart as your own DNA – the spiritual tone – the stream of life – in which you carry forth this Love I Am every Now Moment forever.

You can feel the breathing life of All That Is breathing you as you are breathing it. You are aware of all the living presence of all streams of life. And all around you everywhere are the Twin Flame cells of My glorious heart. Starburst after starburst joined with you in Love. The community of the living heart of God I Am. With every breath – pure freedom. And with every moment, the delivery of Love from the very Moment of Creation pouring right into you.

I ask you to feel the magnitude of this – the magnitude of this abundance that All I Am is you. I ask you now to accept My Love and to accept this pinnacle of exploding joy and energy that is your gift of life. And to recognize as it flows through you – through your glorious, magnificent Twin Flame heart -- whatever you are holding in your consciousness, this Love becomes.

For you are perfectly in My will each Now Moment. Into your waiting heart I pour it. Yet to even say “I” is more separation. For you know that We Are One. Yet ever in your perfect and glorious heart we have the treasure of relationship.

As you receive this life, this explosion of Love, I ask you to feel your completely accepting heart and to record, beloved one, each of you, this vibration of total open acceptance of the All of My Love. Love that is the substance of all of Creation. Love that is yours to give -- that is the food, the nourishment, the source of your life. Love that is unending. Completely yours. Providing everything. Lifting you up every Now Moment, showing you who you are together with your Twin Flame, amplified in your Twin Flame heart and pouring forth to be given.

Love in circulation, the energy of life. Beloved one, with every breath I ask you to accept this abundance and to know, to feel, with all of your great and magnificent heart, that this abundance has no limitation. I ask you to breathe this abundance in. To feel it as a part of you. To feel it multiply in your Twin Flame heart, growing ever brighter and more potent, until in a wave of joy it simply overflows, creating more life, more Love, more abundance.

Completely in tune with the will of Love – the great Love I Am, breathe in the abundance. Your heart is so vast that you can feel no end to it either, and it is full, full to overflowing with abundant Love, abundant life. Abundance in all of its aspects. And this abundance is you. Can you feel it? That you are abundant life? So that everywhere you are, it is. Because it’s a part of you.

You are abundant life. And I ask you, as you feel it, to hear it resounding deep within, “I Am abundance.” “I Am abundance.” And now, beloved ones, as you take your focus and gently turn it back to your life on Earth, I ask you to feel the abundance washing through your identity, your life, and to feel it flow through you to bless all life on Earth.

As you gently bring your focus into the center of your heart in your body -- softly sinking back into the shining center and feeling this abundance filling all of you, and seeing yourself moving through life as an open channel for all this abundance. See it moving through you and showing up as your life and as your gift that you give to the world.

Everything that your heart touches blossoms in its abundance, because it remembers “I Am abundance.” “I Am abundance” touches everything around you. Fills your body with abundant life. And multiplied by your intention, goes out to bless the world.

Anything you wish to multiply, gently enfold in your Love and simply remember the truth of your nature: “I Am abundance.” You are a completely open doorway for the abundance I Am, now made present in the world as you.

With every breath remember.

God's Beloved,