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Do I fit in Here?

I was wondering what others thought?
I think A LOT.

Words, pictures, images, feelings,
Running like Mad throughout my mind,

My brain a hot bed of contention,
for what idea will dominate the course,
of Consciousness next,

and claim victory over my attention.

I'm aware of subtle moments,
Clues and hints the subconscious
is sending me,

My Intuition,

And higher power.

Then my senses,
all 5 send me signals all day long,
except when I sleep,
or day dream;

Or drop into a state
of imagination,
where ((I admit))
I sometimes fantasize things I shouldn't.

What I like is when the
Cosmic Spirit strikes me in meditation.

I fly through the celelstial spheres,
level to level,
bedeviled yet mellow,

and find there within my mind;

My ego let loose;
me as free as a goose on the loose,
and a world out there,
words cannot describe;

But angels know well, indeed.


John Steffan