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Hi Gloria, yes, I can see that you, too, are charging right ahead with full force.

I did visit your forum yesterday - I haven't signed up yet - just took a glance at a books. I was happy that someone had already mentioned some of my favorite books, so I decided I'll get back to it when I have a little bit more time. No matter how much I work, there is still so much work I have to do just to catch up. You can post whatever you like from my emails on your forum. I will go and read the postings and post something a little bit later. I do have a few things to complete here urgently.

There is so much work that I want to do, but sometimes I feel stressed because of the lack of time and there were times when I'd just think of God and focus on the idea that "it is all done now" while I'm drowning in work. amazing things would happen -- I would do several times more work than what I even thought to be humanly possible - at least it was way more work that I ever before managed to do in such a period of time - so I'd watch with amazement.

Yes, sure, I will write you the foreword for the Heavenletter e-book and anything else you may need.

And yes, I keep on reminding people through emails that God always says "yes" and that their subconscious interprets all the thoughts they entertain in their minds as if they want those thoughts to happen and in time it actualizes them.

Blessings from

Dr. Laura de Giorgio,