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HeavenLetter #850 Let Go of Inequities

While compiling HeavenLetters for E-book Volume 9, #850 caught my eye so I had to stop to read it. I laughed because I too have bargained to give a certain percentage (% amount withheld to protect my ego's frailty towards judgment :D ) of my lottery winnings to charities if God were to extend his favor to me in that manner. If you've ever found yourself doing this, this is a HeavenLetter you'll surely enjoy.

#850 Let Go of Inequities

Bernie to God:

Dear God, truth is I had to work hard to stop asking to win the lottery. Tried to bargain that I could do more good for You if I won. Why don't You help your followers win the lottery? And why let your followers be crucified? I am talking about today's suffering and not the Jewish kid of centuries ago.

God to Bernie:

My dear son Bernie, asking to win a lottery is a small question. One who wins the lottery has a change of circumstances, and circumstances are not substantial. You would not do more good for Me by winning a lottery. You would not do less good for Me by not winning the lottery.

You ask again the question about suffering on Earth. No answer I give will satisfy, because it is your mind that inquires and your mind that wants answers. Bound to Earth, beloved son, you want Me to justify what you see as Myself, and justify what you perceive as heartless, inadequate, or blind. I am not any of those. Nor are you the caretaker of the universe.

Represent Me. Come to Me, not as an arbiter of the world, but as My beloved. Bind yourself to Heaven.

Great love on Earth is in the same category as great suffering on Earth. Neither can be wholly explained. Words can only go so far.

You are a protester. You protest life as an attorney might. You protest on behalf of others. But protesting is your need, and not the need of your clients. You are a fighter, and you even take on God Almighty.

I do not hear you protesting the great love in the world.

Do you judge Me and find Me wanting? Would you prefer that I had not given free will to any, or would you wish I had given it to only a chosen few who would manage it well according to your vision, not theirs? Was I incorrect to give everyone the same opportunity to grow?

Certainly some of My children have easier, more fortunate-seeming lives than others, yet everyone has free will. Everyone born on Earth does not begin a particular life on Earth from the same vantage. That is no secret. It is no grand discovery. Who doesn't know that? But life presented asks: "Where do you go from here?" So, in that sense, everyone does have their toe on the same starting line.

Everyone is equal in being issued from Me and in returning to Me. The seeming onset and seeming ending of one life span are the same. The in-between – what is seen as in-between – swings across an enormous range.

Is everyone My follower? Am I then their leader? What is My relationship to My children? Are you only to obey Me? If that were the case, there would be no free will and perhaps no reason for creation. But My children have free will. They have the free will to love. They also have the free will to make mistakes, sometimes unerringly. They have the free will to crucify another or themselves. They have the free will to operate in life from the level of their consciousness. So, even in unfairness, fairness exists. And I call all to Me.

Life on Earth is fiction, and fiction is made up of friction. Yet even within the friction, roses grow. The words on the page of life are not the whole story.

Something wonderful is happening on the planet Earth, and you are part of it – now I speak to everyone – and you are rising to the occasion. Let go of inequities. Let go of pain. Let go of non-joy. Rise above. See from greater heights. Like Christ, bound for Heaven, be less tied to Earth.