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HEAVEN #1891 The Hall of Your Heart January 8, 2006

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HEAVEN #1891 The Hall of Your Heart January 8, 2006

God said:

When your heart feels thin to you, and you think there is no love in it, know that love is brewing. Ties are growing less, beloveds, not love.
The field of love in your heart is furrowed a little. These are ruts of the past. Unattached, your heart feels bereft of its nature, but attachment was only a false front. Keeping everything in place is not love but attachment.

Life is plowing your heart, beloveds. A plowed field is not damaged.
It is being readied for new planting. At this moment, I am sowing seeds of love in your heart. I am renewing your heart. I am blessing your heart. This cleansing may seem like major surgery, but your heart is not being removed. It is being restored.

Look at it like the clearing of a closet. Devoid of accumulation, your closet looks empty. But now it is ready for new goods, not to be stored there idly, but to be used. The filaments of your heart are ready for new electrical charges. New connections are being made. You may feel at times that your heart has become a cemetery, but, no, your heart is a fertile field all ready for new planting.

Bemoan not the past. Bemoan not the present! Bemoaning is all sludge. No more "alas". What place does "alas" have in the heart of a child of God? Where is it said that your heart must be rue-laden?

Your heart will sing a song of love again. To whatever depths of despair your heart has sunk, it will find its voice again. Its throat has been resting. It is ready for new uprisings of love to be born.

Worry not about an empty heart. Let it take its course of emptiness.
It is empty of hot air. Emptiness is being emptied from your heart. Your heart cannot be filled with emptiness. As you notice emptiness, know that a seeming vacuum is being removed.

It's like, when royalty invites everyone to a ball, chairs are pulled to the side of the hall. The center is emptied so there may be dancing. No one minds that the chairs are set aside for dancing. Nor must you be concerned when the hall of your heart is readied for a great dance.
This will be a spectacular dance to which all hearts are invited.

There is going to be an opera in your heart. Your heart is going to be so full that it will burst at the seams! Your heart is going to open right down the middle. This is not a broken heart. This is a heart wide open, ready to take off, ready to tango, ready for the dance of its life.

There will be a simple stream of love from your heart. It will fill the crevices of the world. It will fill every heart with a current of love.
All the pollywogs of love will merge. Your heart will become a whale or a dolphin. It will leap high. It will splash everything in its wake. The world will be splashed with love. It will be awash in love. It will be swallowed up by love. It will be drowned in love. The tsunami waves of love will lift Earth to Heaven, and, indeed, Heaven and Earth will be One, just as you and I are One. What makes us One? Love makes us One.

We were always love, and We were always One. Now as your thoughts are raised by the love in your heart, you are at a height where you can see beyond the rubble that has held your heart captive for so long. Now you are rubble-free, and now your heart soars, and life on Earth soars. Love sings from on high, your love rises high, and you live in a high-rise of love.

Copyright@ 1-8-05

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