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Heart Beat - Drumming

as one of the last heavenletters talked about "your beat of the heart" and I like drumming very much
I want to share the daily om with you:

DailyOM - Drumming
January 6, 2006
Heart Beats

That rhythm renews us is no secret. Drumming is the oldest form of
music on the planet. Virtually every culture that exists or has
existed on earth has practiced some form of drumming. In Africa, the
beating of a drum continues to be an important part of significant
ceremonies and holiday celebrations. Native American cultures use
drumming as a means to reconnect an individual's mental and physical
selves. Throughout history, drumming has been a part of performing
rituals, marking significant transitions, and celebrating life's
cycles. Our lives are infused with rhythm beginning at the very moment
we first sense our mother's heartbeat in her womb.

All manner of drumming has the ability to put us in touch with our own
natural rhythms, the rhythms of the earth, and the rhythms of the
people we choose to drum with. The drum can represent the heart, and
drumming awakens the mind while stirring the soul. Drumming can take
you to a place deep inside you where you are keenly aware of your mind
and your body, as well as the vital bond between the two. Much like
human beings, each drum has its own vibration and voice. Drumming
alone can help you release tension, dispel stress and aggressive
feelings, and restore your energy. It can also give you an opportunity
to reestablish your connection to Mother Earth, as the beat of a drum
can represent a crack of lightning, pounding ocean waves, or the
tumult of an earthquake.

Drumming with others brings with it many benefits. Taking part in a
drumming circle attunes us to the invisible energy that exists between
us while uniting us in a common purpose. Drumming can be relaxing as
well as energizing. It quiets mental chatter and can create a peaceful
meditative state. In Navajo lore, the drum is the Great Spirit's
favorite instrument. It is said that this is why all human beings were
given a heartbeat. The rhythmic beating of a drum can move us into new
realms of consciousness. There is no right or wrong way to drum, and
everyone has the innate ability to create rhythm. When you drum with
intention, you'll discover the rhythms that move you.

and in the following picture you are invited to pick out one and see your heart beat.... :D