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[HeavenLetters Board HeavenlettersT Comments] To Gloria, Joh


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Subject: [HeavenLetters Board Heavenletters™ Comments] To Gloria, John, Joe, Paula,and everyone else that I miss

I love coming in here and learning new and wonderful things and yes we can create a difference together and if one of us falters I agree we can then be there for that one or many.
We are living in a New Age these days.
The newest is a cyber community of people who have never met yet we love like love is to be and thats freely.
I wish to extend my love out to each of you and say thank you for coming into my life and being a big part of my cyber family of souls of love and free expression.
I value being able to come in and share my views and I also value coming and and see what others have too say about them and even correct me when need be.
I am not perfect in all human standards but I am perfect in God's eyes and thats what counts.
To each of you I send my warm embrace of love and may each of you always stand in the pink ray light of all love.
From my heart with hugs

To live, to love and to laugh because if one is not laughing and loving then one is not living.

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