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You know, Ron, if you say any more nice things, I shall float away like a balloon.
God bless you.

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Just so you know Gloria and I have said this so many times, I love you and what you do and Starting next week I will be adding 1-2 letters from your cd on Thursday nights.
I will be making that announcement in my next Newsletter so as to have all my list tune in to hear these letters that play a special part in my life everyday.
I am thankful for all you do and for allowing me to do this.
You are a special being of God's love sent to us to become closer to our hearts as each letter brings us closer to His Love.
Once again thank you for all the love you share with us each day.
Hugs from my heart

To live, to love and to laugh because if one is not laughing and loving then one is not living.

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A big Heartfelt Hug