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[HeavenLetters Board HeavenlettersT Comments] 2000 Heavenlet

Yes, our good fortune in finding God!
How shall we celebrate?
What are the ways?
Meet at The Louvre in Paris?
Do something nice for a loved one we never thought of or dared to do before?
Do an anonymous good deed?
Send a Heavenletter to a friend or two or twenty?
Write a poem!
What are your ideas on how to celebrate the 2000 official Heavenletters.
Stefan, your arithmetic is correct, of course, but actually we have more than 2000 Heavenletters!
There are about 500 that were written before I had the sense to give them numbers!  The earlier Heavenletters were much more personal. The numbers started when God said to have His agenda from then on.
Remember the ebooks. They start with #1.
Blessings and love,

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In 13 days,
We will have our 2000th Heavenletter.
2000 Gloria.
Praise God!

We must find some small way to celebrate
Our good fortune in finding You.


John Riccio

Oh, I don't know. I guess I'm a free spirit, happy with my life; completely satisfied within and figure God will work things out in the world when mankind decides to stop fighting each other and we all decide to work together for peace.

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