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Dear Joe, is there a web site that you can simply list where people can read
a long article if they wish? Or perhaps you would say in a few lines why you
think something is important to read? For myself, I will read and absorb
every word you write and will skip over a long article. You are far more
interesting to me than an article someone else wrote. It is your beautiful
heart that speaks to me.

I love that you really participate in the forum. You set a beautiful

Regarding David Hawkins, at first when I read the post with his name at the
end of it, I thought it was really from him, but what I realized later was
that it was a quote from him that someone had posted. Alas, Dr. Hawkins
doesn't belong to our community forum.

And why not write to him anyway!

With love, deep regard, and blessings,


Dear One,

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Dear Gloria,

A day or two after Adrachin helped me to get signed up to your wonderful
forum I received a message from David Hawkins. Thinking that it was some
kid fooling around, I didn't reply to his message, sorry now I
hadn't! Just a moment ago I received this message and am realizing that
there is a bigger hand in all of this than what we realize. I've got
another too, saved in Word and will post another time, maybe even
tomorrow. First though I want to ask you if there is a better place for me
to post this kind of message below? I want others to read it, but don't
like cluttering up the forum so much. In fact, am feeling a bit
uncomfortable about being on this site so often, don't want to keep others
from posting messages.

Love's Pink Light,