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HEAVEN #1886 No Borders January 3, 2006

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HEAVEN #1886 No Borders January 3, 2006

God said:

From love, all else flows. Love is faster than the speed of light and comes in first. Love, although it weighs nothing, counts the most and outweighs everything no matter what scale you put it on. Love is the rosiest apple in the peck. And it is free. You can love anything anytime you want.
Love cannot be possessed, but if you were to possess it, you would by giving it.

The same sunset I give to one, I give to you. The same dawn I give to one, I give to you. The same ocean. The same prairie. The same sky. The same day and night. The same sun, moon, and stars stare at you and captivate you, these bright beautiful orbs of light that know only to shine in the sky the same way love is meant to shine from your heart, love enormous and love impartial, rather, love partial to everyone and everything, love tripping over itself, love loving pell mell, loving utterly, loving for all its worth.

Love does not weigh advantages one over another. Love does not weigh nor measure nor calculate. Love just gives itself, for love has no borders.
There are no borders around love. Border love, and it is no longer love. It is something else.

Give love for all you are worth, and you are worth a lot.

Let love soar. Let it reach Heaven. Let love roar and its echoes reach the lion's den. Let thoughts of love be on your mind. Let your mind be filled with thoughts of the love that pulses from your heart.

Let the love in your heart beat its tom-toms and announce the beautiful arrival of your heart. Soon you are going to have more love to give and receive than you will know what to do with. I will tell you what to do with it. Simply pick it up and distribute it widely. This sharing is the bounty of love.

Love at no expense. You are a giver of love, and so you receive the gift you give. You demand nothing from love, for love must be free to move at will. Pin nothing to love. Make no attachments to it. Attachment requires conditions. Attachment makes rules and laws which impinge on love and separate it from itself. Even beautiful trim around love is a border, and love does not do well restrained. Love likes to flow. It must flow.

This is true for personal love as well as for all love, for love is great, and love has no borders. Do not zip up love, parcel it out in containers. Make no demands on love. Let it alight where it will. Love is irrespective of demands.

You must know by now that love cannot be commanded, for love is like a butterfly. Once netted, it is no longer butterfly. A butterfly that cannot fly is not a butterfly. A butterfly must fly or alight as it will. Let love be.

This is no easy task in the world, to love with all your heart, and let your love free, and let others' love be free and not beholden. You have wanted love to be like a car that you can always rev up and which will always go in the direction you say. But love is not a car.

That love has no borders means that you don't lasso love and you don't tie it up. You let love hang out like the moon. You let love flow like a river streaming. Set no limits on love. That love has no borders means that love is unlimited. Do not limit love, not even one ounce of it. Let all love be free. Love grows in freedom. That's why you must never compel it.

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