New Year’s Eve

God said:

This is the eve of a New Year, and this eve is symbolic of leaving luggage behind. You didn’t need it all in the first place. Now is time to let it all be swept away, and now new currents will enter your life. You are reaching the horn of plenty.

No matter what party you are at, no matter how many friends surround you, there may still be an aching loneliness in your heart. You see it as a sense of unfulfillment, your heart longing for more of its mysterious self. You know there is more, and you will to have it. This longing has been long-coming.

Your heart is breaking open now. Instead of thinking of heartbreak as sad, recognize it as breakthrough. Your heart is expanding. Your heart is growing, and its shoes don’t fit anymore. Just go towards the more, beloveds. You are changing your seat. You are moving up. You are finding new life, new meaning in life, new vines to plant, new flowers and fruit to claim. You are growing in stature, for as your heart rises, so do you. You are tall now.

There is greater life before you than you can imagine. You are almost at the crest of the wave. You almost are at the top of the mountain. You are at the horizon. You will soon peek over the peak of the Universe, and you will see great expanse laid out before you. Everything you have desired is right here where your eyes are looking. It never was otherwise. All the treasures of the universe are waiting right here for you. They want you to see them, discover them, and then pick them up and fly high with them.

Nothing is changed but where your eyes see. And this is all the difference in the world.

If your eyes do not yet see, then see with your heart. Allow your heart free rein. Allow your heart to dream its dreams. Allow your heart to expand. Rules and limits do not expand your heart. Dreams expand your heart. Believe in your dreams. You have believed in so many things that have held you back. Now believe in only the Vast. Believe in the boundless. Believe in yourself. Believe in a New Year to come and a new world to come along with it.

Columbus was seeking one land and found an even greater expanse. And that’s what you will do too. You are just on the verge of elevating news. You are on the cusp of Heaven. You are riding high, and you are pulling Heaven to you.

You are bringing the stars down to Earth. You are planting them in every cubby. The moon hangs low so you can reach it and hold it under your arm. The sun is not too hot to touch. It emblazons itself in your heart. Expand, expand goes your heart. The Earth becomes a balloon. It catches Heaven, and the two merge and become One. All the planets applaud. The Earth revolves a new way. It has to.

And how happy you are, alighting in Heaven, throwing confetti, flowers, herbs, all manner of natural beauty. There is a glow to everything, an aura of light that can only be God’s light, effervescent over all. You are caught in the waves of music you are composing as you dance. You are caught in the flight of angel wings, and you soar on light, and your heart soars, and the world beats a new tune, and the Earth year of 2007 has arisen.