Name Your Ship

God said:

Today let your life be a boat-ride. Perhaps you are paddling a canoe. How serene you are, just you and the water and the canoe. The water propels you, and you propel the water, and the canoe takes you with it. Let your life be an easy boat-ride today, just you riding along.

Have the idea that today will be one of those easy days where, with no effort at all, you are everywhere on time without haste, and everyone you meet is companionable. Whatever inserts itself into your life today, you don’t mind. Your mind is clear and your heart is open as you paddle down the stream.

You meet obligations, and you feel, not obligated, but glad.

If another boat appears in your way, you tip your hat and paddle around.

What can disturb you on a day like this one? This is the day you have set sail for.

Perhaps you are on a sailboat, and there is nothing for you to do but bask in the sun and feel the wind and the water as they take you to Me.

Even if you are on a raft, you paddle with your hands, and you are paddling to Heaven.

Even if your boat springs a leak, you are embracing life. You receive life with great courtesy. Today hosts you. And you honor this day because it is the one given to you.

If you like to think that you are riding a star to Heaven, well and good. If you like to think you are riding in a Ferrari, then ride on that. If you want to walk on the water, fine. Whether you wade or sail, you are going the same way, and that is the way to Me.

You are on this ride. There is no question about that. The only question is how happy a rider you are, and that is the question you answer every day as you are guided along.

You are in a toy car. You steer and turn. You drive and yet you are not the Driver until you pass a certain line and you recognize that you are. It is not a finish line but rather a starting line. Subtly you have been affecting your drive. You have been the driver and the rider. You are the passenger, and yet you are the steerer. You are the one who speaks and you are the same one who listens. You talk to yourself. You meet yourself everywhere. Perhaps you lose sight of what you are doing on this lane of life. You get caught up in traffic.

Perhaps you forget you are a sailor on the High Seas. You think you are something else. You may mutter rather than sing. Wherever you find yourself, you can sing. Sing a ballad. Hum a tune. Sing a song to yourself. You are the tune you sing. You are also the sea you sail on.

Name your ship. Name it well. Do not call it Hazard or anything like that.

What will you name your ship of life? I will give you some names. Eternity. Blue Skies. Merriment. Dancestep. Rising Star. Found Treasure. Mighty Will. Heartbeat. Unending Joy. Music. Laughter of the Universe. Sunlight. Moonbeam. Starlight. Delight. Escapade. Artist. Music of a Lifetime. Soaring Love. Beloved. Light. Angel. Magnificence. Beauty. Friend…

Name your day today, and let it be so.

Rename yourself. Whatever terms you have used to refer to yourself, find new ones now. Perhaps your name and your ship’s name will be one and the same.