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A Great Place to Be

God said:

It is true that the weather affects you. Everything affects you. And you affect everything too. Nothing happens in isolation. No one weeps alone, and no one laughs alone. You can be affected on the surface level and be aware or unaware, and yet you are affected just the same. On the silent levels, it is a certainty that you are affected by every nuance of the world.

When There Is a New Look in Your Eyes

God said:

Now that I have told you not to carry over yesterday's hurt feelings or annoyances, today I want to tell you that this doesn't mean you must continue every relationship or every dealing with a business or anything. Let Us say that a salesperson in a certain store was inconsiderate or rude to you, and you are not happy to go there anymore. You don't want to harbor a sense of the rudeness and hold a grudge, yet you are also free not to return to the store. You don't want to make a big deal of anyone's inconsiderateness, yet maybe that store is not the right place for you.

Here, There, and Everywhere

God said:

Consider your heart like a fish with gills that swims. How smoothly the fish goes through the water! It is as light as a bird in the water. Nothing blocks the fish. He just keeps swimming and swimming and goes where he wills. The fish loves swimming, and the fish flaps its wings, as it were, and takes flight in the water. The fish soars.

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