Make Today Better

God said:

Must you take yourself so seriously? What would happen if you didn't?

You would laugh more. You would enjoy more. Life would take on a whole new color. You would skip across the plain of life rather than plod or stumble. You would glide. How much trouble would life be when you keep your sense of humor?

What bothered you yesterday? Rice spilled on the counter and the floor. You were rushing and yet were not on time. You couldn't find something you were looking for and were stymied. Beloveds, you will find it or not find it. In any case, must there be a glitch in your day?

Perhaps today you do not feel so wonderful. But you can be wonderful.

Perhaps you feel lackluster today. Well, then, go out and do some shining.

Perhaps you slipped in some mud today. Better to laugh about it than compound it. Cursing, you might slip again.

It is possible to laugh at your seriousness. What exactly is at stake today that you think your life depends on it? Are you measuring your life in moods? Add some laughter then. Settle on a joyful mood, and make life easier.

You may say that life is no joke. I say the joke is on you. I say you might as well have some fun while you are at it.

Perhaps you don't want to face the world today. Who said that was improper? Stay home today, and tomorrow face the world with the corners of your mouth turned up.

When you step beyond your individuality, you will not think about how you feel so much. If you were on camera, would you grumble the way you do? If you were on stage, wouldn't you perk up? Beloveds, you are on the stage of life, and everyone is looking to you. It may well be that they read their day in the thermometer of your expression. You may be their model.

You do not need to be cheerful at all cost, but why be cheerless at such cost? You will choose what clothes to wear today. You will choose your shade of rouge. Why, then, not choose your facial expression? Being true to yourself doesn't mean being crabby when you feel like it.

Perhaps you can make today better for someone else. Perhaps you can make today better for yourself. What would you like your day to be like? Picture it, and move toward it.

Sometimes you write someone a letter in your mind before you write it down. Even before it has been written, your message has been sent. Consider your day today as a message you are sending.

Are serious days really more fulfilling? If life is tragicomic, it behooves you to emphasize the comic. Otherwise, life overwhelms. Try your hand at understating life. The surface of life in the world is really written in lower case. Keep the caps key off. Bold only that which sparkles your life. Keep only what is worth keeping. Use the delete key. Cancel some of your thoughts. Perhaps you will learn a new language to describe your life.

Perhaps some of your vocabulary is outdated. Because it once was true, doesn't mean it has to be true now. If the theme song of your life has been suffering, yours or others, choose a different melody to hum. What are the thoughts that are going through your mind right now? If they are not the thoughts you want, why carry them around with you?