love vs. attachment

Being Does Not Own

God said:

Feel what peace is like. You can have it now. Feel it, and you have it.

When you love, when you truly love from your heart as love loves, then you are at peace.

As you hear Me say that, you may sit up straight and say that isn't so, that you have much anxiety concerning love, that you have perhaps most of your anxiety concerning love in one form or another.

God's Endowment

God said:

You have made anchors in your life. Certain people and traditions and organizations are your anchors. Yes, they anchor you to earth. But you do not need anchors.

If you will, you can think of Me as an anchor, but that is a contradiction because anchors don't lift you to Heaven. Better to think of Me as a Lifter of Anchors.

Remember, it is not your love for another that is an anchor. Love is a freer. Attachment is an anchor. It is an anchor you make up. An anchor is something or someone you grab, push into the earth, and say it holds you there!

Surrender to God like the Earth to the Sun

God said:

Although time is not, there is a moment that comes when the Sun peeks its head up over the horizon. The Sun lifts up its shoulders at its inception over the crest of the earth. It is a steady motion, the Sun beginning its day on your side of the earth.

Of course, it is the earth that is rolling to the Sun.

You could say that the earth is the puppy that rolls over to be petted by the Sun.

The rolling over is surrender.

All about Love

God said:

When you have anxiety, it is for no reason. It is always for no reason. I know you feel that something incites your anxiety. No matter what you perceive as the cause, there is no reason to it. It is manufactured. No matter how real-seeming, it is made up. What folly it is to feel anxious. It is no good at all, so what reason can there be to be anxious? Anxiety plays a pretend game. Your mind latches onto a conclusion, a judgment that serves no one. Anxiety serves no one. It wastes heart and mind.

When your loved one’s primary interest is no longer on you

God said:

One mode of giving is allowing. It is a great gift when you allow another freedom, when, on all levels, you let go of control. It is one thing to keep hands off, and a greater thing to keep your heart off. Your heart’s attachment can keep another back. Attachment grows tentacles.

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