Love Rising

God said:

Sometimes great joy brings you great tears. Don’t mind tears. Welcome them. Sometimes your heart is so full and you are so unaccustomed to such fullness, that tears leak out the way ballast is thrown over to balance a boat. It is no crime to weep from joy. It is no crime to weep for any reason or no reason.

Honor tears. They have a merit. They are not something you are supposed to keep down. Let tears come to your heart’s content. Tears let you know that you are not made from stone. Tears signal that you are a vibrant live person who has feelings and sometimes feelings beyond the known. Tears will tell. Count on the tenderness of tears.

Sometimes you cry, and you know not why. Know that your feelings are shedding their skin, as it were. Be glad. Be glad you can cry. It would indeed be something to cry over if you could not cry. That would be occasion for sadness. Be glad for tears. Honor their presence. Bemoan their disappearance.

Unless you can cry from the depth of yourself, how can you laugh from the depth of yourself? I do not mean a titter. I mean laughter that shakes your whole body and means something to you. I mean laughter refreshing like tears.

Tears and laughter come from the same place. Something surprised you, something unexpected. How akin are laughter and tears.

When you are in love and cry because your beloved is so sweet, you cry because you do not know that you are capable of giving equal sweetness as that poured on you. And you do not know that the sweetness will last. So much you have bargained on has not. You would like guarantees when love itself is its own guarantee. Love is here this moment. That is all you can know, beloveds. You can, of course, ask that love continue and that love continue to grow, and yet you fear that loving can only bring heartache one way or another by and by.

Let it then. Let love bring what it will. Invest in love, and never mind the return. Invest in love, and never mind its course. Be glad for love. Be glad for the moments of love. The moments of love are the merit of life. They are the merit of your life. Let the trowel of love build a high tower. It is the building of it that matters. If it topples later, no matter. You are building a tower to reach the sky now.

The lesson in life is that there is no end to love. Whether in life or in death, love has its own life. Love soars one way or another. And love sticks to you, and love takes you with it. If love is a humming bird, let it be a humming bird and go as it wills. Love cannot be held on to. It must be free as a bird or as a kite that you let go of. Watch it go high. You have been in the presence of love. This is a very good thing. And love rising takes you with it, even as you weep on Earth.

From the height of love come laughter and tears like the splashing of a waterfall. Who bemoans the splashing of water? It is the nature of waterfalls to splash. Let the splashes fall on you. Have merriment. The splashes will dry, and yet, and yet, they are still part of you, deeper than anything, deeper than anything except love rising.