Love Needs No Proof

God said:

You believe that joy is momentary, for that is often your experience in the world. Joy is here one day and gone the next. But joy is your platform. Discomfort, bewilderment, and other feelings run across the platform of your joy, calling your attention to them, but they exist only on a field of joy. Without joy, there would be no place for less than joy to walk.

What if you believed that joy is the bed you sleep in. What if you believed that your feet walk on joy. What if you believed that anything else but joy is only a muddy boot. Mud washes off, and beneath the mud lies a perfect boot.

And your heart is made of gold. Whatever spatters on it, your heart is nevertheless gold. Specks of dust are only specks of dust. And you are love. You are a heartful of love.

If you were not love, you would not despair the way you do when you observe the lack of it.

A whole range of emotions may float in your heart, but you have one heart, and it is golden. No matter how sullied, you have a heart of gold. Ego would gloss over this fact, but ego, no matter how prancing, is not from your heart. Ego would have you feel that it is important to you, but ego makes itself self-important when it is your heart that is important. And it is your heart you are to give credence to.

Let's face it. You are a seeker of love. You seek it everywhere. It means everything to you. You call bits of love recognition, acceptance, appreciation, acknowledgment, regard. You are seeking crumbs of love all the time. You try to prove to yourself that you are loved when all the while you are a being of love. You may even try to prove to yourself that you are not loved because that lends a consistency and familiarity to your life.

All the while, you are love and you are most beloved. Look not for proof. No matter how much proof, it stands in the wrong line. Proof can never reach the front of your heart. Proof is for the mind alone, and the mind never gets enough. Tell your mind to mind its own business. Tell your mind you have a heart that is in an entirely different league from it. The mind is cool and calculating, while the heart is simple and warm.

Your mind is a wonderful gift too. But sometimes you race it as you would a sports car. Catch up with your heart instead.

One moment you recognize how full your heart is of love, and the next you don't, and you look for reason. There is no reason. There is only awareness. It is only that some days you are more aware of the love in your heart and other days you are less, and this difference troubles you. Have confidence that your heart is not ever devoid of love nor is it ever diminished in its capacity. Your mind may assign disturbance to your heart, however. That's life, you say, but instead of living it, you are thinking and drawing conclusions.

If you must think so much, give your mind the assignment to focus on what benefits your heart rather than what dismays it. Tell your mind not to dishearten you any longer, for your mind has tried to dismantle your heart and its connection to Me.

You and I are connected. Your heart and Mine are connected. Our hearts are wed. Let no thoughts assail the love We share.

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