Love beyond Measure

God said:

When you accept My love, you fulfill Our contract. With your acceptance of My love, the range of your love is greater. You step up to a different platform from which you see further, and from which you radiate more of My love. Not that you radiate it, but that it is radiated from you. Giving My love does not have to be from action. Ultimately, love mists itself from your being. All the actions in the world without your being are only actions. The gift of love comes from your being. The love you give is not an act of will. It is not a decision you make. When you do make a conscious decision to give love, most likely you have noticed the love already emanating from your heart. Love is a natural emanation that requires no more than your simple presence. It is Truth reverberating through you. It is My love echoing through you.

In action or in rest, you are emanating My love.

Your thoughts can stir love, but it is the beingness beneath your thoughts that heralds love.

Your words can bespeak love, but love has not much to do with words. It is the truth beneath words that issues love. Lies, even benevolent ones, carry only as much energy as the Truth underlying them.

Love is not a commandment. Love cannot be commanded. And why would you try to? Instructions do not go with love. Requirements do not go with it. Love extracts no payment. It does, however, accept return from Me. And that return is the love itself that you give. I reward you with your very service to Me. Your love multiplies. You feel it more within you. You begin to know that the love you give is Mine, and that there is none other. Therefore, it is only yours to give. Through your sharing of My love, it is replenished.

Love has no measurement, unless you consider My Totality the measure of it. But the Totality of Me is beyond measure also. Therefore, love is measureless and cannot be counted. Love is countless. No records can be kept of it. No ledger book is large enough. No computer has the capacity. No mind can envision it. No amount of conjecture can call it up.

If I were to tell you that love is and is all that there is, and that you are love supreme and entire, you would object. But that is only because you have not seen enough evidence of love. The world does not always reveal it.

Yet I maintain that the only energy in the world is love. It is the only sustainable there is. The only force on earth is love. Love cannot be disbanded, no matter how hard the world may try. The world can distort and twist love, but love survives and breaks the bounds of the world. Mine is the power and the glory, and the power and the glory are love.

Why is it easier for My children to accept the untruth of the world than it is to accept the Truth of God?

Well, let's come back to love then. Although love and truth are the same, it may be easier for you to accept My Love than My Truth. Can you accept that I love you? That it is the easiest thing in the world for Me to love you? That you are My love beyond measure?