Longing for Heaven

God said:

Do you not sometimes feel suspended above Earth as though your arms reach to Heaven and you are off the ground? Then you are grounded in Heaven. You are grounded plenty on Earth. It's the physical that gets grounded and bounded to Earth. It's all right to let go of Earth sometimes. Stand on your hands or do cartwheels. You can trick gravity, beloveds. You can turn the world upside down.

Have fun on Earth, and take jaunts to Heaven. Make it your vacation home. Come to Heaven every weekend. Midweek too. All year long. You will never tire of it. It will always be new. There is such an enlivenment here. It is a tourist haven. It's like being in a divine jewelry store where prisms of light are reflected to an astonishing degree, where the light is cozy and warm, where it sparkles like wheels of light, where it is like stars sparkling off stars, where hearts bounce, where everything is familiar and yet new. Certainly there is no old here. It is all refreshing. Light dances in Heaven and makes music. The dances and music of light are known as love. Love swirls in waves of light, and no one gets dizzy.

There are heartstrings of light. You are light. By your light are you known. You are the light of life. You are the light of My life.

The sun shines not brighter than you. The sun becomes your playground. How the sun loves you. How you climb up its rays and slide down them. How you toss the sun back and forth. How you braid its rays into love-knots. How you twirl its rays like a baton. How you make golden ladders of it. How you spread it like butter. How it melts you.

How can you describe the indescribable? You cannot remember it, let alone describe it! Yet you know you have touched it. You know you have embraced and been embraced. You know you belong there. You may have felt half-hearted on Earth, but you are fully whole-hearted in Heaven. You know the abundance of Heaven, and you have sought it on Earth. You can find it on Earth too. You will find it on Earth. You are raising Earth to Heaven. It is a short hop, skip, and jump.

Earth is malleable. Earth will become less dense as you rise. Earth will not keep you down any longer, and you will raise it up. In your consciousness, you will merge Heaven and Earth. They will no longer be disparate-seeming. You will feel the unity of love wherever your feet may be. Your heart will always be in Heaven. Earth will transform itself in your eyes. The excitation will arise to exultation, and Earth will be submerged in peace. It will be covered with peace. It will have achieved Heaven. This will happen in your lifetime on Earth. You will experience Heavenness. While you are still in your body, you will experience the solidarity of Heaven. You will be immersed in it. You will be smothered in it, and you will breathe more freely.

Sweet-scented is Heaven, and sweet is the heart that desires it. Sweet is the longing for Heaven. Beloveds, you long for what you already have. Heaven is yours. It has always been yours. It is yours now. It is the love of your life. You are Heavened inside and out. Awareness is taking you over. Caught in the sun, clouds of ignorance are becoming light, and only awareness will be.

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