Like Mittens

God said:

Beloved, sometimes you feel you are overlooked in the world, or, perhaps, at the very least, one of the least favored people. Indeed, sometimes it seems that the world hardly gives you the time of day or notices you or takes much notice of you. If this is your situation, you do have to get beyond this. Everyone is rushing forward to notice or to receive notice of some kind.

Everyone in the world merits a smile. It is true that not everyone receives attention to the degree they are worth. To the best of My knowledge, I am the One who attends to you most of all, although you may not feel that I respond to you with enough care as you would like. See if you can listen to Me better. Put your hand on your heart to feel Me closer to your heartbeat. I AM the close of the close.

We want to fix your sense of feeling unloved. Unloved isn’t a good way for you to feel – too extraneous. No, never, you are not to be extraneous. You are to have God and everyone in your court.

Even if you live alone and on the surface have no one close, then respond to everyone you meet and lift all hearts. Bear in mind that all are One. This way you will remove a sense of distance altogether.

No one is to feel left outside in the hall. No one is to have a sense of loss of Oneness. Please, no. I want no one to have a muddy sense of being left out or not wanted close to all hearts on Earth. This is not too much to ask. This is a minimum. Love isn’t something you have to put in a bid for.

Sometimes, around Christmastime, you really do soak in the Christmas spirit. You feel it in the air. Or, you may feel extra lonely.

May everyone live this sense of Oneness blessing the world. I tell you factually that you are blessed. You are loved more than you believe. The thing is: Take love into account and bless all your heart would long to. Get yourself busy with blessing others. Care for others just as you care to be blessed. No one, no one in this world is to feel less than adored. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you were more secure than ever you felt before?

Something really has to be lavished on the world. No, no, no, no one is to be bent low. No one is to have to pick crumbs of love from the floor of the world. No one is to have less love than the most love there is. What are We going to do about this?

Everyone is invited to God’s Heaven. Life, every moment, is meant to be a surfeit of love. Every single person on Earth is My son or daughter. Did you think otherwise?

The world isn’t intended to be a bare table. Embrace. Embrace yourself. Do something today that will, at the very least, confer more than a modicum of happiness on this Earth and on you as well. Where did the idea arise that your due love could be overlooked?

Also, please let go of the idea that anyone gets too much happiness. Don’t think so for even one moment. Absolutely, don’t have the idea to wrest away anyone’s excess happiness. I would love everyone to experience a sample of too much happiness. You deserve great happiness, and so does everyone. I am giving you an introduction to greater happiness right now. Look for this love to be falling on you. Do this.

Together, We are going to make it possible for everyone to knit greater happiness just the way you knit mittens and hang them on the mantel!