Light Up All Hearts on Earth

God said:

Beloved, I speak with a flourish. I say: In terms of the world, responses to all the senses seem to remain all important. A human baby cannot live without being touched. Untouched is deprivation.

What lack of meaning is it to be not seen and not heard and not responded to? What statement of unworthiness does this make?

It’s possible that even being yelled at is better than no glance at all.

Every single one of My Children is a sentient being. How are souls to be nudged without exchange? Holy is the exchange of light. Even two nods on Earth fill the Universe.

To survive, a puppy has to be licked by its mother. Otherwise, a puppy does not know of its existence. An exchange is essential. Every sentient being requires a welcome to Earth. In Heaven, there is only welcome. In Heaven, unwelcome is unknown.

Of course, to be welcomed on Earth is of the utmost importance. No Being is to be overlooked. No Being is to be cast aside. You understand that remaining unnoticed is inhuman. Life exists to be noticed. This is what is meant by Love. Human Beingness must be noted and nourished. To be loved is to be noticed. Beingness also has to be fed. Abandonment in not an option. Not in My eyes. Eyes must meet. Souls must touch. Hearts must breathe in and breathe out and be intoned.

Teaching and learning are exchanged through love. At the very least, love. Love given in school can be for a subject taught. There inevitably has to be an exchange of love. Two sets of eyes have to exchange their light. Be sure now. Even to a stranger on the path, venture love. Reveal though your passage in life that love exists.

There is to be a daily exchange of love. Once in a while is not enough for humanity to progress. Isolation is not to pass for love. Love must set the tone. Unloving is not a blank allowed. God is to be inhaled and exhaled. Share God to each other’s benefit. Exchange light and notice one another with all your hearts. No one is to be overlooked. The breeze that blows must blow on all. The sun that warms must warm all. For one to exist, all must exist in the light of day and the peace of night. Stars are to shine on all, no exception. None.

If one heart must ache, it is not to ache alone. A load shared weighs less. This is an ultimate truth of life. Your purpose is to uplift one another for the sake of all. Life is reciprocal. Hold your brother’s hand. Hold love high. See everyone. No one is to be unnoticed. Love is to be known and sung. Love is to be sacrosanct.

From one fire, build another. Everything on earth is an exchange. No eyes are to be hidden. No mouth is to be closed. Love is to have its say. No love is to be turned back. Hallow-ed be Thy Name. All breath is to be exchanged. Oneness is to be known, and known freely. No love is to be hoarded or locked away. Love is to be in the public domain. All for One and One for all goes further than a theory. Love is to be lively. Love is to be underlined and made holy. Love is to be sung from one heart to another. No holds barred. All songs to be sung are of Love Unified. There is nothing else to sing of. Herald the dawn of love on Earth today. You are vital to the ensemble.