Light the World

God said:

Saying that your life has purpose is the same as saying it has value. The value accrues to more than yourself. You are not here for yourself. You have heard that before. But you are not here for others either, and yet your life has value to yourself and to others.

You are here to end dissembling. Anything away from truth is dissembling. Truth has to do with love and not with facts. The facts of your life or the facts of the world are small items. If you harbor them, you fill your mind with details and dissuade yourself from the love that reigns in your heart and which is meant to encompass the universe.

From love you came, and of love you are, and to love you journey. And so, your journey is journeyless, although it is day by day.

The love We speak of is not sentiment. It is something else. We can call it awareness. When you have awareness of the fullness of life and the vastness of your life here on earth today — your placeless place in the scheme of things — you begin to grasp and express love. Love moves on a far grander scale than the particulars that surround it.

Love is not in bits and pieces. Love is like the sky that blankets earth. The sky has no partiality. The sky exists as a canopy for all. It blesses the earth entire.

And now I tell you that you are for more than the corners of your life. It is beyond your present understanding, but your life has naught to do with your life. Whatever has transpired in your memory is salt, dried upon the sails of life, but your life is not the salt. Your life is far more. Do not let yourself be caught up in the tatters of your sails any longer. That is bygone. Now you sail to greater shores, and you carry the entire universe with you. Of great import are you.

Each of you in the armada of life sets the course. What course you set affects all the ships. You affect the roll of the sea. And all sail upon the sea you affect.

All your thoughts have affect. What your mind dwells on either lifts or dismays all else. Turn your mind to the endowment of love I have given you for the engenderment of the earth.

I asked you, and I ask again, that you turn your mind to your heart's wealth. Be beneficent with My love. Do not hoard it. Do not save it. Give it. Give it overall. In your thoughts today, donate My love. There is not one on earth who does not require My love, and you have been chosen to give it.

Step out of the squalls of earth so that you can be the sunlight that approaches out of the darkness. Today is for you to remove the covers of darkness from the screen of your individual life so that you can shine My light for all to see.

The darkness is not the truth of you. It is only a cover-up. From the corner of your room, My light in you can be seen and radiate from the farthest stars, and so you light the world at My behest.

Do I ask so much? That you dispense with trouble and accept joy? That you don't carry the past into today? That you start anew from new fields of life. Grass grows today, and so do you.