Let Your Eyes Be Loving

God said:

What is important to you simply may not be important to someone else. What is important to someone else may simply not be important to you. This is what life in the world seems to be about -- all these contrasts and even contradictions.

Someone loves fishing. You may not be someone who would like to put a worm on a hook, nor would you take joy in catching a fish. Who is to say you must or must not like worms or fishing?

Someone else grows a moustache, and you would never grow a moustache, yet, if you were alone on a deserted island, by default, you would grow a moustache and a beard to boot. You never know.

Something may matter a lot to someone else but not to you. He has his life, and you have yours.

Let it be glorious that everyone who has Oneness with Me – and that is everyone -- can make all kinds of different choices in the world. Let it be glorious that there are enough choices for everyone around the world to make. Silly, you are not authorized to put a friend on the carpet because his life choices do not agree with yours.

Let it be glorious that there are different ways of thinking and liking or not liking, preferring or not preferring a myriad of colors, for instance, and a myriad of sports and a myriad of minds and a myriad of books and myriad cups of tea. Let Us applaud that there are many right ways to make a cup of coffee, and you are free to brew coffee as you like, and so is another free.

Be glad that all have freedom of choice even as one’s freedom of choice is different from yours. Celebrate someone else's choices as well as the superlative ones that you choose for yourself. Celebrate life rather than haggling over it. Enjoy your friend just as he is.

Celebrate that there are enough choices for everyone, and be glad that not everyone is a carbon copy of everyone else.

For Heaven’s sake, be free of concern when others make choices different from yours. Where did the idea come from that everyone does better to choose as you do? Why must everyone believe as you do and go to the church of your choice or go to no church at all? Who says so? Who declares that what you prefer ought to be the lay of the land?

Let your eyes be the beholder who sees beauty everywhere.

You wouldn't want to betray your own preferences and give lip service to someone else’s preferences. There are places and times in the world when you would have had to hide your true choices in order to stay alive and, thus, be denied the Free Will I give you. Let it not be you who feels righteous over another's way of being. Beloveds, would you deny the world I made and insist on another?

Feel good about others, and feel good about yourself. Love is better than a sense of supremacy any day of the week.

The world is more than a toss-up. The world is a place to learn and practice love.

Have your happiness and freedom in your own life, and allow others the same. There is plenty of happiness to go around.

No matter how well-meaning your desires for another are, honor another his choices for the life that is his. Entitle him to his own life. Unless your friend asks you for advice, keep your hands off.

You cannot live life for any other but yourself. By the same token, the only person you can revise is yourself.

Look, love surpasses improvement. Love your friend simply as he is, and your friend will blossom.