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In The Know...tinkered with a bit

What would the matter be
If some that surround
Or if everyone around
With an everlasting love
If I'm still holding to personal perceptions
Not wholly willing to receive
If I don't feel the same about me?
In a similar way
Differently phrased
Is there a difference at all
If someone falls short of your call
If you are secure
In and Of
Your Self?
In the end
All love heals
Is Health
Heaven sent
Yet the realest of deals
With our own light revealed
Not unto the world
But unfurled
Inwardly so
In our Heart
The origin
When and Where
All worldly hunger and thirst
Has its eventual end
Whatever be the throe
There is constant Peace
We're consistently at ease
Because when it comes to our Higher Self
We'd Be
We Are
In the Know

Copyright (c) Michael Mayer 2007