Knocking at God’s Door

God said:

The fact is that you are deeply searching for pure Truth. This is a missing ingredient you have been seeking with all your heart all your Life on Earth.

Meanwhile, you ride the rails of hot spots and all the surface expanse of the world. The whole search is for a viable piece of yourself as you search here and you search there.

You escalate on the surface, and you deepen or escalate the same beyond any borders as well. Yes, of course, while you are on Earth, you are a mixed bag. You go in two directions at once. You are tethered, and you fly free. This is the situation you find yourself in.

You are Janus, the God of the New Year Who Faces in Two Directions at once. You don’t always know what is where or if it is at all. You do not always love a mystery. You also love clarity. Clarity isn’t a free hand-out on Earth. So many seeming directions loom in front of you. Sometimes you glimpse that the Whole Course before you is not free but destined. In this world, you do have it two ways -- free and destined.

Indeed, you would always follow your path if you but knew what your path is.

There are those who seem to have one path they stay on. And then there are those who tread one path for a while and then another and, meanwhile, more keeps showing up. It is like a timer has been set for you.

You may find yourself shot out of a cannon in Life whereas someone else may live and, rightfully so, in the same house for his whole life long. Another moves here or there every year or so.

What can you do about it? Who can say which of many ways is better? Perhaps all you can say is this is how it happens to be in this moment. It may not be humanly possible for you to stay put no matter what you might want or think you want, for Life seems to whisk you off somewhere without a moment’s notice, or you may be someone who can’t budge no matter what.

No matter how much you may try, your Life may be a riddle you simply can’t figure out. All you know is that you are here, and then you are somewhere else or not.

In any case, what can you do but show up wherever you happen to be and whoever you may be?

Life on Earth isn’t a sure bet. You can fly high, and you can fly low. Fly as you can. And sometimes you can fly higher than you ever could have imagined. Certainly, in Life, one way or another, you take flight.

One way or another, you roll with the punches. You are on a road that you follow. Where you come out, no one knows. You are where you are when you are. You are you on Earth, and you aren’t someone else.

You are not to apologize for the air you breathe, nor are you to apologize for any space you take up. Although your Life is My Life, it is also yours. You are supposed to be here, and you are supposed to show up, and you are supposed to show as you and not a remnant of someone else. Nor is any of your wondrousness to be decided by anyone else.

Your individuality comes into play in the courts of individuality. It is for you to knock on your own door. There is room for all. There a place for everyone. In terms of individuality, there is no size that fits all, nor should there be.

When you knock on a door, and someone asks: “Who is it?” say:

“It’s me, a whippoorwill, knocking at your door.”

Any door you knock at, you are free to knock at. Be My Guest. Knock on My Door often.