Kiss the Concept of Tragedy Goodbye

God said:

Of course, you do not want to pretend your feelings relative to the Existence of Life – your life -- as if it were pie in the sky and there is nothing to it. At the same time, you don't have to take life so seriously as you may presently. You don't have to point out all the flaws. You don't have to take a mistake so seriously and fatefully as you may, whether it is your error or another's, or an error you might attribute to Me.

Life is not always a lark. This is not a secret. At the same time, you are alive. You have the Gift of Life. You are alive! Life is a good thing indeed to be grateful for.

Life is not medicine. Life is not always bitter-tasting. Give life half a chance to be, at the least, pleasant. The Truth is that most of the time life supports you. Life does its best for you all the time, yet you don't always see this.

When something deeply unwanted hits you, it is a blow. It does you in. It hits you hard. Not all the good times in life can possibly seem to compensate you for what has happened that is too terrible to contemplate. You don't know how to take it on the chin.

Do your suffering. Do your cries of "How could this happen?" Life is capable of many things. We can say that Life has a special license.

You may never in your gut get over what has befallen. It is understood that you can't just snap out of it. At the same time, all your protests, all the injustice, all the happenstance do not help anyone, least of all you, the one who is suffering, perhaps, the most.

No one would make light of your tragedy. No one would say to you, for instance, if your child has died: "Hundreds of children in the world die every day."

In terms of love and the surface of love, there may be no excuse for what happened. There may be no extenuating circumstances that you can possibly see, yet at the end of the day, there is reason. As unfounded as it must seem to you, some day you will have an inkling of a good view that fueled what you could only see as a hurt. Hard to believe from where you sit that there could be goodness in all this that gives you great heartache, yet when you do see further, the cross you presently bear is erased.

In terms of the world right now, you may see a crime too ridiculous to erase, yet, in terms of the entire Universe and the Realms of Infinity, the only thing to do is to let go of it.

It is not fantasy that beyond the world at large, there is good reason for all that befalls. Even that which you judge as a glorious meeting in life may not turn out so brightly as you had thought. This is something that you too have probably seen while on your tour in the world.

If that which you saw as holding great purpose and did not live up to its promise, perhaps the reverse can happen as well and you can find the good in what at first appears as stark tragedy.

All blessings to you. Know you are good enough to lighten your heart and let go of that which now you can only see as tragedy. Dear Ones, the whole world seems to support tragedy. Let go of the concept. Don't keep it close to you. Kiss the concept of tragedy goodbye.