Keep Going

God said:

When you feel bruised by life, by the little things in life, perhaps you have been standing still. Move faster, and the little things won't hit you, or, if they do, you will be moving too fast to give them much thought. As it is, you ponder them too much.

If what I say now applies to you, listen. If this does not apply to you, then you can skim it.

Remember that the world consists of more than your personal life and your personal thoughts. It is your thoughts that fester the bite of a thorn. You know that the little things whose festering you have fostered are little things. The little things may consume you until something greater enters.

Perhaps this making a big thing out of a little thing is part of your yearning for drama.

But you say that whatever is bothering you is not a little thing to you. That is just the point. You made it big. Make it little. Let it pass by, or skip past it. It is the accumulation of little things that become big.

If you desire drama in your life, then get onto something grander. Forget drama. Pay attention to purpose. You do not need drama in your life. You need movement. The movement we speak of now is forward. Forward movement is called progress. You progress as you move forward. Let go of the little snares that hold you back. Do not backtrack. Leap ahead.

Because there have been brambles behind you doesn't mean that there are brambles ahead. You do not always need brambles. You do not always need a thicket in order to reach a clearing.

Enough of clearing the path. Enough of making it perfect ahead of you. Sweep the past into the past. You walk on fertile field now. You enter a new life now, entirely new. You do that by stepping out of your attachment to the old.

Take off your shoes if you have to and leave them there. It is in your mind that you step forward. You can keep everything the same — you can keep the outer the same but you can venture forth without the past entrapments clamping you.

Whatever bothered you yesterday does not have to bother you today. You are walking on new ground today, and you are strong of purpose. No longer do you wait for the ground to come to you. You set out on it. Your feet do not stay still. Your feet do not drag. Your feet are winged. No restrictions. Just moving forward.

When you walk through a field of wheat, the wheat bends to your movement. It does not bend to your thought.

When you want to make progress, you move forward. You do not stop at every turn. Every turn is not a crossing. Every crossing doesn't mean a stop. There is no traffic to stop you. There is no danger ahead. Only your thoughts of danger or non-success stop you.

Your success is not in what transpires. Your success is in moving forward.

Have you perhaps been waiting to be stopped? Or have you perhaps been waiting for signals to move you forward? Moving forward is its own signal.

There is not joy in staying where you are. There is joy in reaping but first you plant. There is great joy in the planting.

What seeds are you planting today? What forward motion do you make? Keeping going.