Keep God by Your Side

God said:

A great part of being yourself in all your glory is to love all those you come across or who come across you.

There are no accidental meetings. You already know that.

There is a shared history. There is a shared past, and there is a shared present. At the very least, you are passing images. All those you cross paths with – whether physically or more subtly – you are on your way to Enlightenment together.

You don't have to know your past history or the meaning of a current meeting. You can know that there is purpose. If you really want to get on a fast path to Enlightenment, remind yourself that you are meeting everyone you come across with a Divine Purpose on Earth as it is in Heaven.

No one meets by accident, no matter how accidental or incidental or insignificant a meeting may seem. There is a purpose. Be glad you are meeting again. There is something for you to see, to do, or not to do, and to elevate. A meeting today no matter how by chance-seeming, no matter if for half a moment, perhaps holding a door open, perhaps someone who asks you where the library is – it doesn't matter -- you can know this is a great moment. Chance-seeming meetings today are meetings of friends to enjoy, or friends to make, or maybe meetings for repairs. Whether you meet once and never again, or whether it is your one-hundredth meeting, the purpose is to elevate each other.

You don't have to know the specifics of a particular meeting. You graduate by greeting the person before you. Enjoy meeting. Look into each other's eyes. It may sound trite to say that love heals all wounds, yet the Truth of this saying is exactly the point of bumping into each other. Smile. Bless. Love. You are at a true meeting-place.

When you have company come over to your house, you make them welcome. You offer something to drink and some snacks for your invited guests. For the people you bump into on the street, consider yourself the host. Serve smiles, blessings, and welcome. This is true for misdialed numbers on the phone as well. This is true for random people you happen to think of as well. Don't mutter under your breath about someone you happen to think of who may have done you wrong. Think of something they once did that was nice.

Look forward to all the meetings you have today. Bless the larger world, and bless all those you meet no matter what the circumstances. Even if it is a fender-bender, something good is being attended to.

There is never a need for harsh meetings.

Do not think for one minute that I am suggesting you pretend friendliness. Don't fake it. Whatever the transaction may be, take care of it fairly and courteously. So be it.

You can say what's so and avert an angry path at the same time. You can, in effect, make amends with each other before there is a confrontation to amend. Be calm ahead of time. Let go of fear of being taken advantage of or cheated or neglected or whatever your overt or hidden fears may be.

You have choices. If you prefer courtesy and friendliness, then reveal your courtesy and friendliness. You are not a lost soul who must protect your domain. If you do indeed require assistance, call Me in. I am with you whether you are aware of it or not. Calling Me in serves to have you notice Who is beside you, and Who always is.

What is it that you think you require from the world and everyone within it? What do you fear you are being denied? Why would you perceive a need to be threatened? What negativity are you thinking about others, and why must you?

Let life in the world be a resting place. Get away from thoughts that plague you. Such thoughts are old. Such thoughts are getting to be worn out. It's time to consider thinking new thoughts. I have to ask you why you would hesitate to include Me when you engage with anyone.

Include Me. Have Me in the midst. You don't have to announce Me. I will be silent. Is this a huge decision? Why wouldn't you have Me? What do you imagine is at stake? Invite Me in, and you are more aware.

Wave Me over. Say, "Come on over here, God."

For Heaven's Sakes, bring Me in.