Just Enjoy

God said:

Let life give you its sweetness. Extract it. Be a discoverer and purveyor of sweets. Let your wares be the sweetness of life.

Life gives you choices just as in a candy store. Sour drops are there, and you can choose them. But sweet nougat is there as well. All kinds of sweetness are there that you can look at. You can walk through the aisles and put your eyes on all the varied kinds of sweetness derived by man. Why choose the sour candy?

What are you looking at, and why?

Or consider life a video store. Aisles and aisles of movies of diverse kinds. You can choose horror movies. You can choose to watch them. Or you can choose something else to watch.

You are a chooser and a watcher in life.

And there are things you may not presently be able to choose, but you can differentiate. Rain is rain. You can look at rain as an interference, or you can look at it as a blessing. The rain is the same. You are the appraiser of it. You set the value of what occurs around you. In effect, you choose the climate you live in.

Just as you can paint rooms in your house certain colors, you can paint life in the colors you like. And you can always change the color you have chosen. Your own eyes choose the colors.

You can choose the house you live in. You can choose the country. Whatever your environs, you can choose how you look at them. You can look at your life as enforced imprisonment or you can look at it as an adventure. There isn’t anything you can’t look at differently.

If you are presently displeased at what you look at, look at something else. If you cannot look at something else, then look differently at what you presently see. Perhaps you have overlooked something.

Perhaps you see a butterfly bush fading, and it makes you sad. Yet perhaps there are still some little blossoms left at the end. And when they are all gone, you can know that the butterfly bush is only resting until the next season. You can be happy for it. And you can know that the butterflies do not mourn the passing of the bush. Perhaps butterflies are wiser than you.

And when a rose in a vase on your table fades, you can know that there are other roses growing, and you can know that you had a beautiful rose in a vase on your table.

And when a day is drear and the sunlight is not visible, you can know that the sun is there, nevertheless, and that it will shine through, if not today, tomorrow. If not tomorrow, soon. The sun always comes out to play.

And if you go through a briar bush, and there is a thorn that scratches you, the thorn is less powerful than you. Let thorns be thorns. The thorns of life are not the deciders of you.

Does it sound hackneyed to say to look at the bright side of life? Why is there a need for it to be said? Why would you look at anything else? If you can choose gold, why wouldn’t you choose it?

If you are offered diamonds, accept.

If you are offered coal, you can still see the diamond.

If you are offered winter, and you want summer, you can still enjoy the cold. You can even enjoy the shivering. You can enjoy contrast. You can enjoy slush and puddles, and you can enjoy ice and packed snow. You can enjoy.

Today I enjoin you to enjoy. Will you do that for Me?