Joyous Love

God said:

Sunlight works its magic on you without your analysis of it. Scientist and innocent child receive the rays of the sun the same. Sunlight itself is absorbed. The study of it is incidental. And yet, focus plays a part.

Let your focus on Me be a receiving more than a study.

My history does not equal My presence. Knowing about Me is one thing. Knowing Me is another.

And yet focus plays a part.

You do absorb that which you study. It goes into your genes. Or, We could say, the genes as receptors are already there, and you give them something to receive.

All awaits Me. All is ready for Me.

Knowledge of love is not needed for there to be love. Can love be analyzed? Is love taken apart still love? Is wholeness in pieces still wholeness? Does dissection build?

The difference between awareness and knowledge is slight, but there is a difference.

You do want conscious awareness of Me. You want to be aware that you do know Me, that We keep company, always have, always will. In this case, your conscious awareness is the conscious experience of Me. It is like We shake hands. We enjoy it. We know what We are enjoying. We enjoy but do not analyze.

As soon as analysis comes in, then it is a different experience. You have the experience of analyzing Our interaction. But the very analysis removes you from My presence. Even a tiny distance is a distance.

Analysis reconstructs something. It isolates. It draws lines and pinpoints. But God cannot be packaged. The original configuration suits more than a reconstructed one. I do not exist in a laboratory — I exist everywhere, of course, and can be discovered anywhere — but neither microscope nor telescope reveals Me. They are too small.

The way to come close to Me is to come close to Me. It is in your awareness that you come closer to Me. Come close enough in your awareness and you experience that We are One.

No equipment is needed. What bounds do the boundless need?

I will come to your awareness invited or not. But to hasten your awareness, invite Me. Your desire and intention invite Me. You make your heart ready for My arrival. You turn the light on. You sweep the front steps. You fluff up the cushions in the living-room of your heart. You prepare a feast. Your mouth waters for Me. Your desire, intention, and focus prepare your heart for My entry. You may have short notice.

Sometimes you keep looking outside for Me. You look out the windows. You go to the front porch and peer to see if I am coming. You keep the lights on. You wait. After a while, you turn and go back into your house, and you find Me sitting on your sofa. Here I am, waiting for you.

Yes, it is in your heart that We meet. Nothing has to be prepared. But your intention and your focus, so slightly turned to Me, prepare you.

Turn your heart towards Mine now.

Mentally soften your heart.

Remove any hardness or tension.

Your heart needs no protection from Me. Your heart longed for Me long before you knew. But now you know. Your heart will imbibe Me soon enough. It will drink of My love. It will satiate itself. My love will spill over in your heart, and you will leave My love wherever you happen to be. Joy will overflow, and the world will be immersed in the joyous love spilled from your heart.