Joy Is Right Now

God said:

Suffering is an invention.

It is an untoward thought.

Stop having the thought, and suffering will not exist.

Believe in joy instead.

You interpret events into suffering or joy. It is your choice. When you have a choice, why would you choose suffering. When you can have joy, why would you not choose it? What holds you back from joy?

Holding back holds you back. You hesitate to step into joy. You are afraid that joy may be some kind of quicksand that pulls you in. You are afraid that joy is something you have to fall into and won't be able to get out from, whereas suffering bounces you up and down. Through suffering, you get relief from joy.

You think joy is future. You think joy is something that comes later. You think joy is something you walk toward. You have a fragile hope that the New Year will bring you joy.

Know that it will. Know that joy is yours for the asking. Joy is yours right now, but you focus on the fringes of it. You count the ends, but not the cloth.

You are made of joy. So then be it. Let your steps be joyful. From joy you come, and from joy you go. From joy are you.

You have misinterpreted, and that is the crux of it. You have aligned your thoughts with what is peripheral and needs to be dismissed. You have put off joy.

Celebrate New Day more than New Year.

Celebrate New Life more than New Millenium.

Celebrate Reality more than invention.

Consider joy your responsibility. Consider joy your debt. Consider suffering an antiquated thought. Consider it unworthwhile. Consider it disposable.

Make a contract with joy.

Be beholden to joy.

Let joy be your marker.

Let joy be your signature.

Be joyful.

Be true to yourself and to Me.

You do not honor Me with suffering. Certainly, I notice you, but I notice you in joy as well. Certainly, you can give Me your suffering, but you can also give Me your joy.

Seek joy. Look not for danger. I have strewn joy before you, and it is you who must find it. Don't walk around joy. Walk past suffering.

Bury the past. You have given it enough thought. Bury it, and dig up joy. You have dug up suffering enough. Dispense with it. Now begin to dispense joy.

What have you been marketing? What has been your selling point? What have you emphasized, and what have you downplayed?

Know that joy is your right. You have no right to suffering. Your calling is joy. It calls to you. Partake. Prevail upon it.

The illusion of suffering is a waste of time. It is a waste of life. It is a waste of you, and it is a waste of Me.

Suffering is not your nature.

Joy is your name.

Consider joy gain and suffering loss.

Suffering does not make you joyful.

Release from suffering is not joy.

Absence of suffering is not joy.

Joy is joy.

It is not that you make merry. It is that you notice the merriness that dwells in you and yearns to be expressed.

Wave joy around and not your complaints.

Make much of joy and little of suffering.

Attend to joy.

Enough of hospitals. Make more of hospitality.

Be hospitable to life.

Set out on your adventure. Recoil not from it. That is what suffering is, recoil from what may be before you. Enter in to life, and you will leave suffering behind you. Enter into what is before you and not what might be. Leave your interpretations behind.

Forget suffering. Remember joy.