Joy in All Seasons

God said:

In August, those of My Children who live in the Northern Hemisphere, may have said to themselves:

"I may be tired of hot summer, yet, alas, I am not ready for months of cold winter. Summer seems short, and winter seems long. When summer arrives, I am eager. When winter looms, I am reluctant. Of course, when I was young, my heart quickened at the thought of fresh snow. Must I let everything around me affect me so much as if summer is to be welcomed and winter is not?

"All You lay out on the Earth before us, God, all the cycles are beautiful and miraculous. You surround us with Beauty beyond Beauty. You tell us to take Life as it comes, and I agree with You wholeheartedly. Yet, before winter arrives, my heart dims. How do I reawaken joy in all seasons?"

Beloved, by letting go, of course. By letting go of gloom. Let go of the past. Look forward. Imagine if this were your very first winter coming up, how ignited your heart would be. Access the virtue in all seasons.

You have made associations, as if every season were not the bearer of glad tidings. Of course, each season bestows gifts upon you.

In the winter of your life – this is what the seasons are really about, you understand – you can still make a snowman. Winter is not all about shoveling snow and salting ice. Where is it written that you cannot enjoy winter as it is?

Think about the prior blessing of autumn, as the leaves swirl, and your heart quickens. Autumn is a beautiful gateway to winter, just as spring is to summer.

Think of the beautiful air and how each season has its own sights and smells. How fresh is winter. How refreshing is cold. Even as you may shiver, you are experiencing Life!

Change is ever a beautiful blessing. Rush to the seasons. See anew. Feel anew. In your heart, roll in the snow. Stomp in the snow. See the footsteps you leave. In all seasons, love Life.

Wherever you happen to be, love Life. The terrain you find yourself in is incidental. With every drop of rain, blessings come. With every snowflake, blessings come. All of nature succors you. Ice and puddles are different and wonderful. All is prepared for you.

Cloudy skies serve. Bright sunlight serves. Every year everything is new.

Turn cartwheels. Kiss the Earth. Skip along. Life is waiting for you, and Life welcomes you.

Whatever season, you are meant to be here. Look forward to the gifts I give. They are for you.

There is fresh snow and accumulated snow.

There are puddles, and there are droughts when the soil cracks. There is art wherever you look. What in the world is not art? What in the world is not its own Statement of Beauty?

You are in the world, and you have the chance to gaze at the world.

Be a stargazer too. There is no humdrum except as you say so. Don't say so.

Be a flower on Earth. Accept whatever conditions you live under as the flowers do. Flowers are wide awake and sparkle in the Sun and the dew. Flowers accept the rain on their face and their roots drink up the water. And when a beautiful flower has climbed the hill, it also goes down the hill and rests until it blooms again. And so do you. And so do you.

The seasons are established, and they are established for you, My Dear Ones. Accept all gifts. Do not judge the seasons. The seasons are gifts to you. Don’t refuse a gift from Me.


"Thank You, God, for You in Your wisdom know what is good right now, and You give it with all Your Love. Surely, we know enough to say thank You, and enough to relish all that You bless us with.

"God, I will dance on the Earth as it is today. I will dance. I will sing. I will embrace what You surround me with, and I will grace all that surrounds me in my Love for You. I breathe in gratitude to You, God, for all the Glory You give."