Joy I Am

God said:

The material world is not as important as it is made out to be, yet this is beside the point, because the material world is exceedingly important to everyone as you find yourself living in it. The world is a mammoth enterprise.

Non-space and non-time are something you hear about and take with a grain of salt if you take it at all.

If you are in a prison cell, you are in a prison cell. Okay, okay, you are told you have freedom of thought, yet it feels so urgent to you to get out of the confinement of the drab cell you somehow locate yourself in. You may give lip service to freedom, yet when you don't feel freedom, you are not experiencing freedom, and you are not free. You do not kid yourself here and now.

Maybe, possibly, some day, you will experience Divine Freedom. When you do, you will look back and say to yourself:

"All I did not see because I did not consider such seeing as real or even reachable. All the energy I wasted my time on to my detriment when I could have loved living in the World of Illusion. If Life on Earth is all illusion anyway, why do I think I have to be so strung out and wound tight?

"It seems I was wired for suffering instead of for joy. I did this to myself. I have tended to spend my Life either proud or ashamed, inflated in pride or overwrought in disgrace.

"I was the Temperamental Star of the Show. Too much focus on my little self, God, true? That was the lay of the land I lived in. I joined in. I made myself fit into the land as I saw it, or others saw it. I simply fell into fitting in that world. I tried to like everything that everyone else seemed to like, and I overlooked the importance of what might have held the greatest meaning to me, even when I didn’t know its name. I'm not sure I know its name now. It's a good bet, now that I think of it, that this elusive name is Freedom.

"I squandered my life on I know not what. I cannot bear to say to myself that I wasted my life. I always thought I had all the time in the world. I could have had more fun, yet, apparently, fun was not high on my list. Seriousness led the pack.

"Now, even as I call myself wiser, I wonder. I seem to be a fish out of water. I flounder on dry land when I belong in the water. Woe is me."

Dear Ones, instead of speaking of woe, say, "Joy I am." "Joy I am, morning, noon, and night." Be it.

Turn the tables on yourself. Say:

"God loves me. God loves me with all His heart. God is my Friend. I keep my eye on God. I welcome God to me. I hold God in trust. I have looked at the world as it seems to be with all the gusto I can muster, yet now I look at God, and I thank God for being here with me wherever it is that I may be. The thing is that I am with God, and God is with me. I care not that the Truth may sound corny, for, with God, all things are possible. Anything is possible. Everything is possible. I am possible."

Now affirm how far you have come more boldly:

"In life in the world – and in my life in the world – everything desired is more than possible. Everything I desire is at hand. Everything I desire is probable, probable, probable. Likely, likely, likely. Somehow, some way, my life has often beaten the odds. Why did I not see this sooner?

"My thinking and saying these words open wide a door to the whole world for me. Now I walk through life with inner striding and confidence.

"Even when I walk through a door that does not open to the treasure I am seeking, I am undaunted. I am way ahead in life by dint of how I view it. How I view the world plays a significant part. I am here in the world to see with new eyes.

"Here I am with Life before me. I now see and I now live forthrightly. I now see anew. I live anew. I am not the same, and my Life is not the same. This is the Free Choice I make.”

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"Yes...I am here in the world to see with new eyes"WOW!