joy and laughter

A Blooming Rose of Heaven

God said:

Hello, beloveds. Will you make today wonderful? Will you laugh, and will you smile? Will you be of good cheer?

Will you today be what you want to be? Cheerful, pleasant, enjoying and enjoyable. Why not?

Why not be what you have always wanted to be, and that is happy and generous in life.

This is the day you come out of your old thinking, and you bloom. How beautiful are you, a blooming rose of Heaven! How beautiful are you when you smile and make Me smile.

A Surprise of Joy

God said:

Will you laugh more? Will you have as your intention today to laugh? Find a surprise of joy today, and laugh. Find many surprises of joy, and laugh.

Laughter comes because you have been taken out of ordinary thought. Laughing doesn't come from logic. A break in your usual thinking surprises you and makes you laugh. A leap of thought, and laughter arises.

Surprise and laughter are wonderful gifts. Getting out of your ordinary thoughts is a wonderful event. Finding a different interpretation is a great blessing. Laughter gets you out of your rut of perception.

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