Is Life Not Beautiful?

God said:

Beloved, when you see the world from its underpinnings beneath all the juxtapositions the world at-large incorporates, you will see life as bright light. You will see the world and life as I do see. You will have seen that life does come out right.

Presently, you may see in limited ways.

No matter how many times I say that your life is as it is meant to be, you are adamant that I wear rose-colored glasses, whereas you are down to earth and realistic.

You make certain appraisals. You dispute life. You may convince yourself that life isn’t handed to you properly. You may say that life, as it reaches you, is inappropriate. You say there has been a mistake. You say that life, as it arrives today or yesterday from its onset, has been incorrect. You are sure of it. You say that life has to amend its ways.

What if life comes around exactly as it is meant to? Open yourself up to the idea that you can see in new ways naturally without effort. Do it!

What if you presently see life through a wavy window of glass that distorts your view? The window you look through is askew. Look again. Give life another chance.

You are quick to say that you don’t believe in fairy tales. You don’t, yet you may have bought a bill of goods that says life is bound to disappoint you while you hold on to your receipt. Odds are, no matter how sincere you may be, you have interpreted your life based on hearsay handed down to you.

You may be slow to translate the language of life.

Beloved, sometimes you may be like a computer translator who skims the surface and goes only so far. The extant world you live in speaks many languages.

Grasp deep and subtle passages of life. Go beyond the word of a computer translator that skims across the surface of a page and takes the limits of old reference points as your guides. Keep your eye on the sparrow.

The extant world you live in speaks many languages. There is more to interpreting your life than the testimony of what has been handed down to you from across the generations.

A skilled translator will highlight subtle key passages that a computerized translator would miss altogether. A skilled translator will offer you a vaster view on many levels. A skilled translator might well have arrows in various colors pointing to key passages that will reveal your life in new light.

Add beautiful music in various chords, offering yourself seven doorways to Heaven at one time.

Now, see anew, Receive insider tips from Me. Feel good! See Heaven from root to stem and leaves and blossoms all over the place in inestimable sweetness. Give life more than one chance. Be not one of the fabled blind men who grasps at what an elephant looks like by focusing on varied parts of the elephant. You will KNOW, not wonder, for I will reveal the whole elephant to you all at once complete.

Never again fret with the question: “How could this tragedy happen to me?”

I would ask you: “What tragedy are you talking about?”

No longer will you see tragedies.

All the connections in life will light up for you.

The Rays of My Light will shine their light on your heart the moment you awake. Doubts will no longer arise.

Truth will appear to you as naturally as the Sun when it rises from the East.