Invite God

God said:

This is good to ask Me every day as you wake up: "My God in Heaven and on earth, what is it You would like me to do for You today?"

See how that makes you feel. See the alacrity with which you hop out of bed.

You have enjoined Me in your life. Furthermore, you have asked to do My bidding. You who are My bidding wish to fulfill Me. It is not presumptuous or arrogant of you to ask what you can do to help Me. That is just right.

I, Who am Fulfillment of Desire, have no personal desire. How could I? I, Who have everything, what could I need? What could I possibly lack? I am the One in life Who does not seek for His own gain. My thoughts are not for Myself. They are for you. You, who are My thought, have My thoughts about you readied for your fulfillment.

My leaning is for your highest. My leaning is that you rise in greatness to the Oneness of all and to proclaim and embody it now. That is what you are for. You certainly are not for smallness.

I use the word leaning because what is already fulfilled cannot exactly be called desire. What is the word for fulfilled desire? No word is big enough. I certainly cannot call it My wish, not even My wish fulfilled, because wish is too idle a thing, and My thoughts are never idle. They are always purposeful. You, My mortal being, only think something has not been fulfilled, and so you feel unfulfilled. Your cup is full, but your hunger is not.

I shall call My leaning for you My Will.

I have no need of anything. I, Who am everything, lack nothing. Nothing is missing. Not even your companionship is missing from Me because I am with you every moment. Your companionship with Me may be missing from you, for you often do not feel the abundance of My love surrounding you.

Sometimes you think I want something from you. Will you dismiss that idea now?

When you arise in the morning and ask how you can serve Me, you are reflecting My very thought, for what, but that, do I ask? "What may I do for you today, you, who think something is undone?" That is My invitation to you. When you ask what I would like you to do, you repeat My thought. You repeat My thought to Me, the Maker of it.

Children all over repeat what they hear.

You echo My thought.

Soon, you will echo My love.

If it is too much for you to invite My Will today, then invite Me to accompany you. You already suspect that I do, and there are moments when you are sure, but there are many times when you are not at all sure and many more times when you are very sure that I am not with you.

Ask Me to accompany you. "Come with me today, God. Come with me. Come with me wherever I go. And help me to have awareness of You." At least then you can be sure that you asked.

Think of the difference in a day or a life when you start out with the thought of asking Me to come along with you. Something great in you rises high enough to invite a King!

You may also be sure that I receive your invitation. I receive your every thought — surely I will receive one with My Name on it. I sent My acceptance of your certain invitation long ago. The invitation is truly to yourself to recognize My presence. But for the sake of formality, I will tell you now that I accept, and My acceptance is in My presence. I accept personally, not by message, but by arrival.