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Inner Light

O Inner Light
Inherent Lover
Unknowing of plight
Uncovered by night
Wedded Forever
We fly
We shine
As the sun
Are We Flight

O Intrinsic Love of Mine
Of All
No other place would I be
Nor could this, in truth, somehow be
For there is no outside
To be alone
Away from home
No imprisonment
Nor even the possibility
Of temporary detainment
From the revealing remembrance
That I Am, We Are
Perfect Peace

O Inner Light
No more is the time to try
But to Be
No more are the questions of "why?"
For Now is ours to Feel and to See
That Love solves all
Isn't a solver of riddles at all
Isn't all consumed with actions as have been we
Rather, gently notices the essence behind all deeds
Concerns itself with Reality
Replacing the perceived
Through the natural result of our true nature believed
The causation of Heaven allowed for
And therefore

Copyright © Michael Mayer 2007