Ingredients for Making a Cake

God said:

A comparison to life as life happens could be applied to a chef or mother who bakes a cake. There are specified ingredients pulled together, many from the country the baker of the cake lives in, yet some ingredients may travel from faraway countries, vanilla from Zanzibar, for instance.

In terms of the mother, perhaps she did not have a particular ingredient at home that is required for this cake. Maybe she never even thought of making this cake at all until a neighbor left some fresh-picked apples at her door, and now the mother wants to make an apple cake.

Sometimes two ships pass in the dark or, in contrast, two long-lost brothers from opposite ends of the Earth somehow meet in an inexplicable way.

In terms of a pastry cook, perhaps a salesman dropped off some samples that led to a special recipe. It is not really one person who makes a cake, is it? So much and so many contribute to the recipe. It could be said that a special recipe was a lucky break, or, it could be said that the recipe was ordained. In fact, you might ponder on how that particular recipe and those particular ingredients leading to a remarkable cake could come together seemingly as easy as pie. Things in life do come together.

You can also wonder that there is no end to new recipes. By now, haven’t all the possible ingredients already been put together so no new combinations are left? Yet new combinations never seem to run out.

You might also wonder, at will, how a certain number of limited letters in the alphabet of any language can reproduce infinite words. You wonder if the day will come when all the words could be used up in all possible ways. You may further wonder that there are still ways left to arrange words into an infinite number of stories. Nevertheless, all possible stories continue to appear. Maybe there is no running out. Maybe words and stories are infinite.

Names in one country may sound funny to people from other countries whose languages simply don’t have names like that at all.

And how is it that questions never run out? How can it not be that all the questions of the world have not yet been asked and answered?

There is a word in every language that means progress. The very idea of progress implies that questions can go on forever and that there is always something new and new and new.

Many people may desire to live in simpler times without TV and cell phones when life was less fast-paced. There always seems to be something else. What was once so modern may now be obsolete. What is now junk might have once been a treasure. What was once junk may be a treasure now.

Everything in the world changes by and by. And you change. Moods are not the only things that change. At the same time, a few things never seem to change.

Love is ever new, yet love doesn’t change. False love as well still goes on, perhaps with a new paint job, yet still the same old story it ever was.

And yet True Love fills the world as well. And mother love and brotherly love exist. And My Love is a constant. My love has not changed one whit. My love may be portrayed in different ways, yet My love is immutable.

You may love to hear about Oneness. You may catch a slight glimpse of it every now and then. Oneness supports the world. Love holds the Universe together. Love is in your heart right now.