In Your Heart

God said:

How do you be true to yourself and to Me?

They are the same. There is One Truth.

Be sure to not mix ego's wiles with your own essence. Ego isn't you. Ego is nothing. You are everything. Ego is merely a placard you carry in front of you. Ego is a flimsy thing. Undo your dependence on this thing called ego once and for all. Let ego go its way, and you go Ours.

The ego is so weak that it needs propping up all the time. Ego wants to be worshipped so it can know its own existence. It requires importance because it doesn't have much value on its own. Ego raises its prices but its value doesn't rise.

Ego is a balloon that pops. Give not your life over to a popping balloon.

Retake your life. Build it from inside out, not from ego-side in.

Egoless is knowing the truth of the matter. The truth of you is that you are magnificence. Magnificence needs no aggrandizement.

You are a shining sun on the earth. What movie lights need to be added onto you? What spectacle can make you more than you already are? What window-dressing would you have overlap you?

Ego is a pretend-thing, and you are the real goods. Ego can only make you less; it cannot make you more.

Idolatry includes ego. Idolatry is adoring that which is not truth. It is hot air.

But even in your adulation of ego, the truth of you is revealed. You need something to adore, and so you adore adoration. Bring your adoration of momentary plaudits of the world back to love for creation and the Creator Who created you.

Even in bowing down to ego, you reveal your need to give reverence. Ego would tell you that you have to be revered, but the truth is that your heart cries out to revere. There is that in you that wants to find something wonderful and come closer to it.

You learn, time and time again, that the plaudits of the world do not reach that deep longing within you, and you are left craving more of that which does not satisfy in the first place.

It is not who or what or how many adore you that fill you up. It is the love you give that fills you. Not quite knowing that, you call adoration to you. And so ego pounces once again, and you are left unfulfilled.

Nothing is as you thought. And yet it is hard for you to let go of your established thoughts. Much of your thinking is ego-bound. That which you cannot let go of smacks of ego.

Sometimes ego uses Me. It picks Me up as an embellishment like any other. Ego sees Me as a feather in its cap. It nudges you to come closer to Me the same way you might join a club that has good ratings. Ego wants you to engender more of the regard of the world any way you can. But I am your Mainstay. I am not something extra to be included on top of everything else.

You don't have to go somewhere to sign up for Me. I am already yours, just as I am, and just as you are. I am your intrinsic heart. What am I if not basic to you? Why would you want a pretense of Our exquisite connectedness when you can have the Real Thing?

Sink a little deeper into your heart. You will find Me there smiling, eager for a nod of recognition from you.