In the Wilderness

God said:

My children cry out to Me how unhappy they are. You, yourself, as a matter of fact, might say:

“Dear God, so many times You get my hopes up. I hear about levels of consciousness, yet no matter what level I seem to be on, I return again and again to despair. The promises You seem to make, forgive me for saying, do not always hold up. No matter what level of consciousness I seem to be at – and I have grown, definitely, I have grown – I am disenchanted once again. I am lonely. Loneliness pursues me through the days that turn into my life. God, do You forsake me? Have You forsaken me?”

Dear Child, a thread of you knows I have not. You may not know where to turn, yet you inevitably turn to Me. You do know enough to know that I hold the Keys to the Kingdom. There is one Key, and it is Love, and I offer it to you. Will you receive it?

Now, let Me say kindly what I am going to say.

Listen to yourself, beloved. You are disgruntled. You are disgruntled with Me. I am not disgruntled with you. I do not find you lacking. You find Me lacking. You find yourself lacking. Loneliness is rampant on Earth. Are you saying that I create your loneliness?

I have not abandoned you. Have you perhaps held Me at a distance? Are your arms crossed over your chest, and you wait for Me to strut My stuff in proof of My love for you and humankind? You, who accuse Me, stand apart from Me. Closed off at a distance, you are a wallflower, so to speak. Invite Me to dance with you. Dear One, you are the one complaining. You turn your complaints onto Me as if I am an advertised complaint department.

It’s possible that you like to see Me as a God Who fails you. Would that be you or would that be your ego playing tricks? I am certain that, left to your own Self without the disenfranchisement of the world, you would know your own power, and you would find glory within. I do not cut you off from Me. You may cut yourself off and say volubly:

“Hmph, God is not all what He is made out to be. God does not embrace me. If God embraced me, I would not be so lonely. I ask, and God does not answer. God leaves me alone here crying in the wilderness. There is No Other God.”

You speak wisdom when you say there is No Other. There is No Other God. There is no other altogether. Remember Free Will and Good Will. They are yours.

Beloved, are you sitting across from Me, your arms crossed, daring Me to prove Myself to you? Are you seeing Me from slitted eyes, full of your own skepticism?

Of course, you are lonely in isolation. It is you who names yourself lonely. Perhaps you could slow down on calling yourself lonely. We can say that you are name-calling. You attach names to yourself. Unloved, disheartened, left to your own devices, out in the cold, harassed by God and man alike, shunted, doors closed on you, the night is dark, and no God to be seen.

As you call Me to you, you may also push Me away, do you see it? So long as you are stand-offish, you see Me as standoffish. Come to Me right now. Step over the finishing line. I beckon you to Me. I’m here. Right here. I am right here. We are sitting on a porch swing together.

I do not affix blame on you. You may think I do. You may see Us as two small boys who banter, each saying: “It’s your fault. No, it’s yours. You broke it. No, you broke it. It’s you. You are at fault.”

It’s like this. We have an appointment to meet. You wait and wait, and, seemingly, in your despair, you perceive that I missed Our appointment. Consider that it is you who may not have shown up. Consider the possibility that you look at everyone as having let you down. Get up now, greet and warm up the lonely hearts of the world. Have a heart for greater than yourself. Then tell Me how you feel. Open your arms and heart, and sing a different song.