In the Sight of God's Love

God said:

Here's what to think when you feel disrespected:

"God is right here, and God, Who makes no mistakes, thinks well of me. God has me and I have God. When I remember this, I laugh that I am dismayed at unkind remarks. My heart is not hurt when a mosquito bites me. Why then do I anguish over someone else's unhappiness pointed at me? Their happiness or unhappiness is not about me, whatever they may think. And my happiness or unhappiness is not about them either. I have greener fields to walk in. So I tip my hat to this person, and wish them a good day, as I walk my day in greener fields. My day belongs to my vision and not another's.

"There are many partings in Human life, and I part now from attachment to what others say or don't say or do or don't do. I was foolish to engage other's pain in the first place. I certainly do not have to continue it and make it mine. I am imperfect in the eyes of the world, and so are they. But such imperfection is not the impetus of my life. What others say or do is not a signal for my heart to go up or my heart to go down.

"This is a fraction of me, my life on earth. What seems to occur here, seems to occur here, but I do not hold on to it. I am made for more than injured feelings. God made me for joy, and although sometimes I have forgotten this, I will remember it now.

"What do insults have to do with me? Someone voiced his pain. His throat made sounds that wafted through the air, and they reached my ears. The sounds were just for a moment. They do not linger except as I keep them in my mind. Now I let them go, for I would not keep them. I did not want them in the first place, so now I let them go.

"Waves wash over sand, and the sand is gone. My mind washed over these thoughts, and now the thoughts are gone. Now I bring love back to my heart. That is what my heart is for. My heart is not for hurt. Now my heart is refreshed, and I thank You, Oh my Father, for this absolution of my error. You raise me up, and my eyes look to You.

"And now I place my offending brother in Your care. He is in your care anyway, as am I, but I place him there as a gift to myself. I bless him to you. Now I wash the offense from my eyes, and I forgive myself for having held it. It is myself I have to forgive. I do not have to forgive my brother for his pain. I forgive myself for adopting his pain. I forgive myself for my attention on little things. I will not add to the pain in the world, and I will not add to this man's.

"You created me to add love to the world. I cannot always seem to do that, but I will no longer dispute it. I give love my willingness. When I look beyond stumbling, mine or another's, then I can do it.

"When I look into Your eyes, then everything but Your love leaves me. I look into Your eyes of love. The rays of Your love wash away everything else, and I am left with Your love. In the sight of Your love, dear God, I wonder how I ever saw anything else.

"How could I ever feel hurt when Your eyes pierce me? You sear me with love. And you make Your love mine."