In Concert

God said:

When sadness overcomes you, for reason, or no reason at all, do not be saddened by it. Sadness comes and goes. Let it come, and let it go. You do not have to be one way and not another. You do not have to be your picture of perfect. You can feel sadness too. It will move over and allow joy to re-enter. Allow your sadness to take its course. Exonerate it. It is just one of many things that alight on you in life. You do not need to make much of it.

Of course, I do not mean that you indulge it. A moment of sadness arises, and you watch it leave. You don't have to shoo it out the door any more than you have to invite it to stay. So sadness descended for a while. And now, like rain, it leaves. It came to you unbidden. You were not expecting it. It can leave the same way. It will leave. Sadness doesn't really belong to you, no matter how much you think it does. It's an add-on. It's a leaf that falls and then leaves.

It is really thoughts of sadness that come to you. It is nostalgia. You are homesick. Or Homesick. There was something you once had and now you don't. You once had mother and father and a certain position in life that you don't any longer, and you feel a sense of missing something. You didn't miss it, of course. You had it, but now you are lonely for it, for another time in another space that once seemed and now seems not. You do not remember Heaven or that you can never lose it, and yet you long for it just the same.

What does sadness teach you? It teaches you not to be sad. It teaches you to hold precious this moment of now. It is a precocious moment that appears before your very eyes and then disappears in a blink. Here today, gone in a minute is this moment of now. Isn't this moment of you as a feeling Human being precious? Whatever you may feel, is not this moment a preciousness beyond treasure? Isn't this moment more than what it says right now?

Just think, you spend every moment with Me. I AM. I do not disappear. I do not fade. I cannot be lost. I cannot pass you by. In every moment of existence, through thick and thin, I AM. I am not elusive. And I am not illusion. All the other is illusion. All the other is a moment written on the sky. And I am with you, no matter what is written in the sky. Regardless, this moment holds Me. We are soluble, you and I, and cannot be taken apart. What can sadness be but an aberration of Our love, a moment of unnoticed happiness, simply a busy thought of interruption, an imagined interlude between Our song. We are in concert, you and I. There is not one moment of separation between Us, not one, only your thoughts have wandered. Our music is playing all the time, only sometimes, once in a while, perhaps for a long stretch, you become distracted. But you are distracted from something. You cannot be distracted from nothing. There is something your mind isn't on in order for you to be distracted. Of course, you distract yourself with any number of things.

We could say that We are at a concert together. There is a great orchestra in a magnificent theater. Every instrument is at play. Yet, for some strange reason, you are only hearing the low notes. For some inconceivable reason, you are not hearing the high notes. You may remember some high notes from once upon a time, but you are not hearing them now, and so you say that the orchestra is not playing them, only dirges you say, only clashing notes, you say. You are not hearing the beautiful music, and so you feel sad about it, or you may feel beside yourself about it, and feel regret for all the beautiful music that you are not hearing.

But I am beside you, and all the notes that heralded the dawn of creation are singing still. Shhh. Listen.

We are an ordinary event.

We go to a concert together, and We are the orchestra that plays the music. We are every instrument. We are every magnificent note.

The one who listens to the music is also the composer of it. The one who composed the music also listens. Notes are played. Once played, they continue. A note is played, and it seems to disappear, and yet, at the same time, it never stops. It is unstoppable. It plays forever.

All of life is a great orchestra. Notes zigzag back and forth. Many crossings.

When the music is heard as a whole, it is magnificent. It is magnificent how each note resounds and harmonizes and melts into music so exquisite that you may have a hard time hearing it.

The music of the universe is a beautiful net that holds the world in perfect harmony.

From one original note comes many.

The original note holds all the others. In one breath, they are held, or freed. All the notes are playing. Like marbles, you can pick up the ones you want.

You do not have to block your ears to hear only the highest notes. You merely listen for them, and the others fall away. They are only echoes of the original One Note anyway that only seemed to lose something of itself along the way.

Perhaps the music thought it could make up its own notes, that it could perform on its own, that it could make its own music and be spectacular in its own right. And so notes became separated, and yet, no matter how they might depart, were still notes from the original One Note.

And that is how you are My music. Whatever jazz you play, you are My music. So, then, I announce you to the world. You are My music playing. I want you to be heard. Play your song, and then listen to Mine a while, and see how they blend, made for each other, allied, beautiful Oneness.