impulses of the heart

Impulses of the Heart

God said:

In the little acts you will find greatness. To be a hero in a grand moment is easier than being a hero every day. Sometimes it seems heroic to be patient with a loved one. Sometimes it seems heroic to get in your car and run errands. Sometimes it seems heroic to pick up the phone.

It feels that way to you because you struggle, feeling that you have to make great effort. In that way, you are heroic.

From Where Love Comes

God said:

Don't mind so much that thoughts flit in and out of your mind. That is their nature. They will be gone soon enough anyway, and others will fly in to take their place. You don't have to keep your train of thought.

Sometimes you think that your thoughts hold you and the universe together, but it is Being that holds the universe together. It is Being that holds everything together.

Impulses Don't Hang Around

God said:

Listen to your impulses. This does not necessarily mean to heed them, beloveds, but to hear them. If the impulses would do no harm to you or another, then, by all means, act on them.

If you have an impulse to call an old aunt, call her. If you have an impulse to walk in the park, by all means, walk in the park. If you have an impulse to stop what you're doing and do something else, go ahead and try it. Man cannot live by rule alone.

An impulse is more than an idea, you understand. An impulse calls from deep within. You may have impulses that you have no idea from where they come.

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