God said:

You have an imagination. You have imagined all kinds of fearful things. Now let your imagination take you down new lanes of thought. Whatever situation is in front of you, dispel it with your imagination. Make it fun instead of arduous.

When your feelings are hurt, this time respond in a new way. Lighten the scene. Turn a new light on it. Laugh at yourself a little. This is a moment of life you are living. Life! Let your imagination work for you. Let it get you out of tight spots.

Take delight instead of fright.

This does not make you a comedian. It makes you creative. It takes you out of ruts you have been traveling in.

If you have a great imagination, and I say you do, then turn a situation into a delight.

Your child went to your desk and spilled green ink? Instead of reacting as you usually might, write your child a note in the green ink and tell him how troubles come in colors, and this one came in green.

You are dealing with hearts, beloveds, and most of all your own, and you want to find new ways. When your heart feels heavy, empty it out. If there are rocks and stones and coal in your heart, toss them out. Replace them with gems of imagination.

You have to get out of the hum drum. You have to get out of pique and pouting. Undo untoward situations within you. And then your countenance can be cheerful. Your countenance can be cheerful because you changed the configuration of a perceived difficulty. This will happen when you let your imagination run free. Perhaps you used to be stodgy. Now you will be creative. You will be creative with life.

If you are a teacher, you will find new ways of presenting old lessons. You will teach yourself first and make everything you do fun. Enjoyment will be a priority. Heaviness will no longer be. Heaviness is not the way to Heaven. Lightness is.

If you are a cook, make making a salad fun. Think of the colors you are tossing. Think of the springy texture. Consider the lettuce leaves assorted gifts from God that you strew with olive oil.

What situation is there that your imagination cannot save?

Be a magician of life and surprise yourself. Be ever new. Imagine yourself King or Queen of the Universe.

The world revolves, and so must you. There are undiscovered sides of yourself. Lightness of Being is one of them. No more will you be heavy-handed and heavy-hearted. Now your imagination springs to life! Let your imagination be like the sun that comes out. Step lively, beloveds.

Your imagination is love rescuing a situation. Your imagination is a mighty wand. It is a swordplay of life. It is a true enactment. It is a duel between stuffiness and fun. It is a duel between what has been and what can be. Let upliftment win.

Let your imagination inspire you! Let your imagination take over. This is a world of all possibilities. Make some come true. Turn your world upside down. Turn wrath into joy. Toss out old habits. Learn spontaneity instead. Live wholeheartedly.

When you let go of past perception, you will use your imagination, and your imagination will take you to new heights. The past has put reins on your imagination. The past has made a bonsai of your imagination. Your imagination is meant to grow. It is not meant to have restraints put on it.

Live metaphors. Make new combinations. Put life together. Take tin cans and create art. When your imagination runs free, you will discover another side to your heart, one where love roams and is never daunted.