I, God, Know What I Am Doing

God said:

I could have said:

God says:

Yet it seems to Me that God said carries more weight. God says may come across more like God sez: and that might come across as downright irreverent.

I am not One to be guided by impressions, yet impressions make their mark. I am not courting favor, yet why not put My best foot forward and bring you closer to Me while We’re at it? Who knows who might be waiting to get a glimpse of Me and perhaps interview Us on international television! (smile!)

Neither of Us is looking to gain points. Our true leaning is toward being a blessing – simple, first and last. Love is the finest blessing I know. It doesn’t have to be love on a grand scale. It can just be love coming around the corner, welcoming all. Beloved, welcome all on My behalf. I wish you to be My Messenger from Above.

Say, “Yes!”

The Truth is that I am ready as I am anytime, and it is My Joy to be heard by hordes of thousands. It isn’t fame that I look for. I look to be heard and understood, the same as you do. I aim to reach a cast of thousands. I do not seek dramatic effects.

I am simple rather than complex. There isn’t a whole lot to figure out in life when We come down to it. Life is more than a search for Happiness. Life is more about strewing gifts around rather than it is about receiving a bounty.

I will say this another way. You are here on Earth to be a reminder of love and all its benefits willy-nilly.

Of course, someday you will see more than you presently see. Oh, yes, there is more to see and more to know according to the wisdom of your heart. Your heart first, dear one.

Yes, on occasion, your beautiful heart may be off-target, yet your heart does make its come-back and surges forward to serve My Will again.

I don’t use thunder and lightning to make an impression – only for the pure use of rain, mostly in summer under certain conditions do I put forth sound effects and colorful raiment. I speak of nature in autumn, for instance, and fields of green in spring, and white snowscapes, and multi-colored flowers to bend down to and inhale.

You can say that I am a virtual virtuoso of all the senses. Of all the senses, the Greatest is Love. No argument here. Sometimes I will go even so far to say that there are households where arguments are a form of Love. Love is expressed in so many ways. May Love now be Peace to behold.

Yes, there is more to life than meets the eye, so very much more than may at first appear to fill the heart.

Truly, there are many roads to love. Be tender with love as you would be with a tender and sweet Lily of the Valley. Be tender with love and, oh, so gentle. Love – including your love – is for all, not for just a few. Love is to be given more than merely to one here or there. Love has many receivers, so I desire. Why would love be sequestered when it can vibrate and grow? Too many people hunger for love, even when they may not fully know what they are seeking. Now, you can know it is always love you seek, and, love itself, always seeks to give itself out to all and so lighten the load of life in the world.

May you bless all who roam the Earth.

You know now that love is always looking for the Sun to shine.

True, yes, there is merit in cloudy days as well. Look for the merit. Seek to give and ye shall find.